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Become the Real Estate Thought Leader on Social Media

What does it take to be the real estate thought leader in your area?

You need to help dispel misinformation, ease fear, and highlight the opportunities happening now in the market. But also, more importantly, you need to be seen on a massive scale and generate consistent engagement.

A perfect example of this is Shannon Mangin of the Lake Travis area of Austin, TX – and you might recognize her. Shannon has appeared on This Week in Marketing previously about the hacks she’s using to convert leads through Instagram. Now she’s back as she and Jason Pantana continue their conversation about getting real estate business directly from social media, with an emphasis on how to be the thought leader in your market.

You’ll learn:

  • The three types of videos you should be making
  • How to get great content ideas
  • Best strategies for controlling the narrative and inspiring hope
  • And lots more!

You don’t need to have seen Shannon’s previous appearance to benefit from this one, so watch or listen now and then go back and check it out here.

In this episode, they discuss…

0:00 – Shannon’s back!

1:52 – Shannon’s business and the market

3:41 – Attracting strangers through Instagram

6:00 – Content that works

7:45 – 3 categories of video

9:52 – Stories

13:55 – For the impatient agent

16:55 – Being the thought leader

21:24 – Committing to great content

23:10 – Content ideas & gear

26:55 – Breaking it all down

28:35 – What’s working on Instagram

30:00 – Reach out to Shannon