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Starting DM Conversations with Social Media Leads

In this episode of This Week in Marketing, Jason Pantana talks with real estate leaders Katie Day and Ken Pozek about what it takes to get more social media leads and how to identify the best ones through DM conversations.

Katie and Ken are social media masters who drive a ton of business directly through their chosen platforms – Katie through Instagram, and Ken through YouTube. They’re going to show you their secrets for:

  • Creating conversation-starting content
  • Identifying the client avatar of your social media leads
  • Finding the best call to action
  • And turning prospects into clients with DM conversations

This is an episode for any real estate agent looking for a step-by-step system for building their audience, creating engagement through DM conversations, and ultimately converting social media leads. Be sure to watch it now!

In this episode, they discuss…

1:40 – Meet Katie & Ken

5:10 – Sparking conversations on YouTube

7:06 – Driving calls to action

9:20 – Where agents are missing the mark

12:00 – Best use of CTAs

15:50 – Finding leads in DMs

19:20 – The long-game and client avatars

22:58 – Managing DMs

24:33 – Biggest takeaways


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