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Time Management and the Power of Systems

Time is what we want most, but what we use worst. –William Penn We all love to talk about how busy we are yet how many of us truly know where every minute and hour of each day goes? Would it surprise you to learn that survey after survey reveals this critical truth: a huge […]

How to Get The Most Out of Your Hour of Power

Building rapport, handling objections, networking, saving deals and organizing your day are super helpful traits for being successful in real estate and will take you far. But to really reach your full potential you need a strong mindset because with all the ups and downs of our industry your head can end up becoming a […]

Time is Money. Top Tips for Time Management – #TomFerryShow

As we enter the second quarter of the year I want to share with you some powerful learnings that my personal coach and I discussed in a recent session. She asked me, “Tom, are you managing your time powerfully?” This question really got me thinking about the 1,440 minutes everyone one of us has each […]

How to have a Powerful Day… Everyday!

My all-time favorite saying is: “If it’s not in your schedule, it doesn’t exist.”  I know we’re all busy with a million to-do’s. But to be successful you must schedule your success: Skill Building Motivation Networking  In my experience the simplest way to get it all done efficiently is by getting the to-do list out […]

Turn Your Time Into Money – #TomFerryShow

Everyday is the same. You have the greatest intentions to be super productive and make some money. And everyday like clockwork there are dozens of attacks on your time that take you away from your goal. Your inbox. Your voicemail. Your boss. Your clients. Your family. All of them have requests and suggestions on how […]

Daily Schedule for Successful Real Estate Agents – #TomFerryShow

Having a breakthrough in your career is not an easy feat! It’s about dedicating time and focus on your business. And those aren’t the only elements that help drive to your breakthrough. Designing your career path is a vital step towards achieving your goals. Whether you’re a veteran or brand new to the industry, it’s […]

How to Exponentially Increase Productivity

It’s hard to believe how fast 2015 is going–it’s already June! While time is flying, it’s not too late to take a proactive approach to increase productivity in your business for the rest this year. First of all, think about how you spend your time. For one week, keep track of what you’re doing and […]

9 Ways To Save Time and Earn More Money – #TomFerryShow

  What’s the one thing everyone always wants more of? It’s actually a tie… time and money! Here are 9 habits that will help you to gain more time back or make money, or ideally both! Go to (1:58) to discover the benefits of being a morning person Go to (3:59) to hear about what I call […]

Getting Focused: Is Your Focus In The Right Place?

Most real estate agents work very hard to grow their businesses.  Yet so many find their work doesn’t yield more customers or a wider sphere of influence, despite their efforts, and they don’t understand why.  It’s a question we get a lot. The answer is often that the focus is in the wrong place.

Stressed and overloaded?

Does your real estate career seem stalled? If so, then you may need to brush up your delegation skills! For a few, delegation comes easily but not for those who are perfectionists or like to micromanage. It all depends on your personality type on how easily you will let go and have someone else do it much […]