Are you all in? Or are you just sorta dabbling in real estate, hoping for what you’ve heard is quick, easy money?

Both of these personas exist in our industry.

But only one has longevity… the real “professionals” will always outlast the “hobbyists.”

Which begs the question: What does it take to become a true “professional” in real estate?

I’ve identified 12 traits of a true real estate professional.

How many of them do you live up to?


Real Estate “Pro” Trait No. 1

They set goals, write plans, and execute on their plans

This one’s simple enough. Obviously to achieve big things requires goal setting and a business plan for how you’ll achieve those goals.

Then it takes the discipline to actually execute your plan instead of getting distracted and pulled in a million different directions.


Real Estate “Pro” Trait No. 2

They have a strong work ethic, a “whatever it takes” spirit

Remember what I’ve been saying and what we see from our coaching members’ experiences: 10% of success is knowing what to do and how to do it. The other 90% is actually doing the work.

If you’re not willing to work, if you tire easily, if you’re not fully committed… you’re not going to rise to the level of a true real estate “professional.”


Real Estate “Pro” Trait No. 3

They use technology to improve efficiency (speed) and provide a better experience for their clients (convenience)

If you caught my podcast with Summit keynote speaker Seth Godin yesterday, you know that being “pretty good” isn’t good enough. You need to be providing the type of service that wows your clients and gets them talking about you.

That’s what professionals do.

And they do the same thing when it comes to making things easier on themselves – by investing in technology to improve efficiencies in their business.

Is your tech really moving the needle for you, your team, and your clients?


Real Estate “Pro” Trait No. 4

They are good listeners & approach each customer with empathy, understanding, and respect

Put yourself in the consumer’s shoes. Make an effort to understand what makes them unique. Meet not only their housing desires but their emotional needs.

Stop talking and listen.


Real Estate “Pro” Trait No. 5

They are knowledgeable about the process and know how to guide clients successfully through real estate transactions

Most agents probably say this one is a no-brainer.

But what about when variables get introduced… how broad is your scope to successfully guide people through a transaction when there are “outside the box” factors involved?

My point here is that you should never become content that you know it all, because there’s always a new twist to encounter coming around the bend.

Keep learning, keep growing, keep improving how you do things. Always.


Real Estate “Pro” Trait No. 6

Professional realtors set realistic expectations for themselves and their clients – they don’t promise what’s not possible or reasonable

Professionalism is all about taking a long-term perspective. Hobbyists and hacks set themselves up for failure – or at best, short-term success – by overpromising and under-delivering.

A recent 1000watt consumer survey found that “Open, honest communication” is the number one thing people are looking for to gain trust in their real estate agent.

Professionals provide honest, straightforward advice to prepare people for the realities of what they’re likely to face… and then they build long-term relationships with those clients in the process.