How to Get The Most Out of Your Hour of Power

How to Get The Most Out of Your Hour of Power photo
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Building rapport, handling objections, networking, saving deals and organizing your day are super helpful traits for being successful in real estate and will take you far.

But to really reach your full potential you need a strong mindset because with all the ups and downs of our industry your head can end up becoming a scary place.


Say these affirmations out loud a few minutes before your hour of power and watch your results triple.

These are made to help support and empower you … so you are more focused to schedule more appointments.

Affirmations help you get your mind inline with your dreams and goals.

But just like weights at the gym they can only help you when you do them regularly.

If you want to say them along with me you can pickup up our Affirmations for the Best Year Ever CD.

Tom Ferry - Success Summit

16 Affirmations for More Appointments

“I love doing my hour of power. The more calls I make the better I feel.

I love completing my hour of power. I’m a lean mean appointment setting machine. YES!

I’m alive, excited and full of energy right now. I am focused, I am powerful, I am calm and intentional.

I am organized and ready. I love what I do and it shows up when I talk with prospects.

I believe in me, I believe in what I think and I believe in the service I provide.

I am powerful and confident on the phone. I love reaching out and connecting with new people.

I am a master at making phone calls and generating business. I love and enjoy talking with new people every day. I am comfortable and confident talking with new people every day.

I qualify every prospect I speak to.  I qualify to discover their motivation and easily schedule more appointments.

I ask questions and I listen carefully to my prospects answers. I handle objections easily and effortlessly. When someone gives me an objection I stay calm and focused on solving their issue.

I ask for the appointment. I close the sale. I know I am the best agent for the job.

I am focused and powerful.  My mind supports my intentions.

I keep my energy high when I am on the phone. I’m a lean mean appointment setting machine. YES!

I schedule appointments easily and effortlessly. If something needs to get done I do it.

I achieve my goals. I love making phone calls. I love talking with new people every day.

I am comfortable and confident. I believe in me. I believe in my service. I believe I am the best person for the job.

I am a master of scheduling appointments. I close the appointment. I believe in me. I love my work.”


When you say these before your hour of power we both know that you’ll speak more confidently, improve your objection handling and close more appointments.

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