Something To Think About

Do you think these four-thousand climbers were the best mountaineers in the world? Were they equally as trained, hardened or experienced as Tenzing Norgay or even George Mallory? Absolutely not.
The reason there have been more than 4,000 climbers claiming Mt. Everest as their own personal conquest is due to this simple fact: the path was already blazed, there was proof it could be done, and for most of those who made it to the top, they had a coach to guide them up the safest path to the top.
What is it you are holding back from doing?
Is it something others before you have successfully achieved or done?
Why are you waiting in the metaphorical base camp while your colleagues and/or peers head for the top only to return with smiles so wide, spirits so lifted, it leaves you choking on the misery of never even trying or stopping half-way?

Here’s the simple truth: The methods and strategies to achieve what you want are likely already available to you.

For most of you, and for most of the clients I speak with year after year, it comes down to discovering how you can build the business and career of your dreams.
How can you earn the money you know you have the desire to earn.
What do you need to do to ensure you not only reach the top of your game, but that you stay there, year after year while the rest of your peers fight to learn what you already know.