Successful lead generation can take a real estate agent to the next industry level. Top-performing agents know how to generate a consistent lead flow that ensures there are always potential clients in the pipeline. 

Real estate lead generation is an art. Strategies vary from person to person depending on personal skill sets, location, and the local real estate market that they live in. Even when you are closing on deals, you should always be working on ways to attract new listings. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to successfully generating leads — and that’s good news! 

Generating leads is an essential element of your business and should be specifically lined out in your real estate business plan. Here are a few methods that top-performing agents use to improve their business:

1. Send Handwritten Notes

Authenticity sets good agents apart from great agents. Those who know how to get real estate leads dedicate time toward capitalizing on small, personable actions that go a long way — like thanking people for their business and sending handwritten notes. The secret to nurturing your real estate leads is in leaving lasting impressions that keep you top of mind. Writing handwritten notes demonstrates intention, care, and personality. When it comes to making a thoughtful impact, this tactic shines.

2. Create Interactive Quizzes

Interactive quizzes are genius tools that get people to engage. If you’re searching for a clever way to generate real estate leads, a quirky quiz might be your golden ticket. 

Consider creating an interactive quiz that helps users find new cities or neighborhoods that might be a good fit in their home search. You might build a quiz that helps aspiring homeowners decide what type of property is most suitable for their budget (townhome, single-family house, or condo). Not only will users come away with valuable information, but they’ll be able to tie your name to any next steps they might want to take. Because these quizzes are interactive and online, they’re easy to share and post across platforms.

3. Look Into Expired Listings

There are times when the most obvious means of real estate lead generation are the simplest. Properties that were listed on the market, and then expired for whatever reason, are potential avenues for agents looking to generate real estate leads. There are myriad reasons why properties fail to sell, including poor quality pictures, misinformed valuation, or just poor timing. Don’t rule out an expired listing as a lost cause!

Expired listings can be found by searching the MLS and then looking up the property records online. Then you can start calling each individual property to get to know why the property didn’t sell. If all goes well, you’ll schedule a follow-up appointment, resulting in and then successful real estate lead generation!

4. Host Open Houses

No list of real estate lead generation ideas would be complete without one of the fundamentals: conducting open houses! Despite what you may think, there is nothing wrong with hosting open houses every day — and even doing your prospecting from an event.  Go around the neighborhood and knock on doors, inviting neighbors to come and check the house out before the general public for an exclusive ‘Neighbors Only’ hour. Showing your face and shaking hands with the locals can afford some serious real estate lead generation benefits in the short-term and long-term future.

Virtual open houses also provide you the opportunity to meet prospective buyers who maybe haven’t met an agent to trust in finding their dream home. When someone comes in to tour the home, get to know them and their situation. Even the attendees who are just browsing for the fun of it have their own circle of influence where they might encourage your services. It’s always wise to put your best foot forward during open houses as word of mouth for agents tends to be the most successful form of real estate lead generation!

5. Work Your Database (and Keep It Updated)

If you aren’t keeping a database of people you meet and speak to, then you are missing out. Your database should divide people into different categories for the most successful form of real estate lead generation.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • People who currently own real estate could be a good source for a future sale, even if it’s further down the road. From the time they first think about selling, to the day the settlement occurs, there are normally 11 months that pass by.
  • People who are currently renting, but have expressed interest in eventually buying property. These people will need some nurturing as they prepare for one of the largest purchases they will make in their life. You can also connect them with different lenders you have great connections with so they can make informed financial decisions ahead of their big purchase.
  • Family and friends are great sources for leads because they naturally want to see you succeed. The beauty of friends and family is that they can reside anywhere in the country and you can always refer them to agents in other parts of the country and still share a portion of the earned commission.

Making sure that you keep your database updated and marketing content going out regularly can help you reach a level of brand awareness. You should mix up the way that you’re communicating with these prospective clients, be it sometimes emails, calls, text messages, holiday cards, lunch meetings, coffee dates, and the like. A successful mix of pointed efforts will help you stay top of mind for those valuable leads.

6. Volunteer for Phone and Office Duty

Chances are, your office provides opportunities for agents who want to volunteer their time and staff the front desk. People who walk in or call would be the potential real estate leads you would gain as a result. Generally speaking, people who are looking to purchase or list a home aren’t going to want to talk to someone and be called back — they want to talk to a real estate agent right then.

Being present in the office serves as an amazing opportunity for you to answer phone calls, and be the smiling face people remember when they walk in or ask to speak with an agent.

7. Try Your Hand at For Sale By Owner Properties

It is true that in a competitive market, for sale by owner properties (FSBO) still sell. However, properties listed and marketed by a professional agent will generally bring in an average of between 11-16% more than an owner selling their home on their own.

Generally, FSBO clients take issue with commissions. Offering an explanation of your services and the value you can provide will help these potential clients see the value in what you’re offering. FSBO’s are a simple but proven method of real estate lead generation!

Lead Generation Can Transform Your Real Estate Business

These real estate lead generation lead ideas presented here are far from all-inclusive. There are many actions that you can take to keep leads traveling through your pipeline. If you’re looking for ways to increase your real estate lead generation and find yourself making little traction, consider speaking with an experienced real estate coach.

The coaches at Tom Ferry are highly experienced and successful in the field. With a free consultation, they will evaluate your current efforts and offer you suggestions and direction regarding how to take your business to the next level.

Knowing how to earn real estate leads is critical to success in the real estate business. Generating and moving leads along the sales process is critical to reaching your goals of financial success in the real estate industry.