We all know that the spring market is here and inventory is low especially at the bread-and-butter price points!
What are you doing to go the EXTRA MILE to serve your client and help them find their dream home?
Today, I’ll show you the solutions to help you get the win with your clients, even in a low-inventory real estate market!
I want you to be resourceful.
Be the kind of agent that earns that 5-star review to really deliver value to your customers.

Here 5 steps you can do right now:

1. Get Resourceful!

Declare, right now, that you will be a resourceful agent that will find a solution to help your customers!

2. Market, Door Knock, Hand Written Notes, Call…

Zillow Make Me Moves

You know by serving this group you’ll be able to find future sellers, clients you can serve, and maybe even help your clients find their dream home.

FSBO’s (old and new)

About 10% of FSBO sell on their own, but 90% still need a great agent!
In many cases that could be the first agent that knocks on the door and provides them value.

Expireds (old and new)

Like FSBO’s, this is another resource you can use to find a property for your clients.

Pocket Listings

Work with local agents to find those “coming soon” and “pocket listings” that may be in your area!