I’m answering your most-asked real estate questions!

You read that right! In today’s episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, I wanted to celebrate an exciting achievement! At the time of this recording, the podcast was ranked at #106 of Business Podcasts over at Apple Podcasts!

To share the joy of how our community has grown through the podcast, I wanted to answer your most-asked real estate questions that you have texted me. 

I answer 5 questions that cover important strategies new agents can use to stand out from a crowded territory and how to offer value to prospective clients. 

The actionable steps that I share are also very applicable for seasoned agents who want to give their strategy a boost. 

While you listen to this episode, write down one or two strategies that will work best for you. Incorporate them and let me know how they work by texting me at 949-216-5466!

In this episode we talk about…

0:15 – We achieved the rank of #106 Business Podcasts – THANK YOU!

1:39 – How do I, as a new agent, make myself stand out among a crowded territory?

7:58 – As a soon-to-be agent, how can I offer value to prospective clients on the front end of our relationship?

20:58 – How do I handle the “new guy” syndrome when people search me on Zillow, etc? 

24:15 – How do I break through an overcrowded real estate market, set myself apart and have people choose me as their agent?

29:55 – How do I go about choosing a team as a new agent?


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