Our current times are calling for innovation and patience, and what better person to share his thoughts than Gary Vaynerchuk.

In today’s episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, I had the opportunity to talk with GaryVee about creating content for our present, the importance of cultivating patience and innovating with the content we produce on social media.

This conversation was candid and Gary didn’t hold back on topics such as business, money, happiness and more!

We even touched on the latest social media platform, TikTok and his take on its potential as a real estate platform. Gary and I also cover important topics such as incorporating your business world into your content and GaryVee’s plans for his Success Summit 2020 keynote address, you won’t want to miss it!

Get ready to take notes for your future content creation!

In this episode we talk about…

0:18 – Tom and Gary talk about connecting for the first time back in 2009

2:21 – Gary talks about how his companies adapted due to Covid-19 to powerfully move forward 

8:44 – “There is no success in being crippled by fear and curling up.”

14:38 – Gary shares his opinion on patience being a true life and business strength 

16:51 – Are you allowing judgement to hold you back to live your life?

19:38 – “It’s absolutely the way people discover people.” Are you creating content for social?

27:30 – Gary shares his thoughts on renovation and being a great option to your client

28:06 – “I feel no emotional tie to social”

28:44 – The one thing Gary is “too scared” of

30:02 – Are you following Gary’s lead by innovating out of necessity?

30:45 – Gary’s take on TikTok as a real estate platform

33:02 – “All of it is better when you build a brand”

34:14 – Explaining what defines your happiness

37:24 – Are you parenting your kids like a zoo animal?

40:56 – Gary reveals his money mindset

44:25 – How to break through with content

45:30 – Gary role plays how to turn your passion into a powerful real estate video

47:20 – Making humility your marketing secret weapon

49:18 – “Incorporating your business world into your content is a real opportunity”

50:20 – The future of podcasting

51:52 – Gary’s plans for his Success Summit 2020 keynote address


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