Taking the next step in your real estate career is to go all in and invest in every aspect of your business.

In today’s episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, Sarah Desamours, Rockstar agent from Miami, Florida joins me to talk about being a luxury real estate agent and investing time, energy, and quality to her business and clients.

Sarah is a skilled communicator and negotiator and ensures that in every transaction, she can find creative ways to help both her buyers and sellers. Originally from Montreal, Canada, Sarah has made Miami her home and excelled at building a global network. 

She shares how she switched lanes from mortgages to real estate once she became a single mother. Sarah innovated and went above and beyond to close her first year with $2 million in listing sales. With her powerful social media and marketing strategy and eye for investing her time to enhance her customer service, she shared with us the step-by-step guides she provides to her buyers and sellers. 

Grab and a notebook and pen… you won’t want to miss this amazing episode!

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In this episode we talk about…

1:14 – Sarah Desamours shares how she switched lanes from mortgages to real estate after having her daughter 

3:25 – Sarah has always been innovative and willing to get outside her comfort zone to grow

4:50 – Research was the greatest tool that Sarah used to thrive in her first year of real estate

7:42 – Sarah reveals how she gained clients during her first year of real estate

10:10 – Are you leveraging LinkedIn or are you ignoring the potential it can give your business?

11:00 – Sarah closed her first year with $2 million in listing sales and won ‘Rookie of the Year’ 

12:30 – Year two was the toughest real estate year for Sarah. Here’s how she leveled up. 

16:45 – That tough year humbled Sarah and demonstrated to her the importance of savings

19:12 –  “I’m going to be the first Black realtor who’s going to be known in Pinecrest.”

23:06 – Are you disciplined in your business and life?

24:42 – Practice, practice, practice!

26:20 – Go all in on digital marketing

32:08 – Push your pride aside and ask for help

36:30 – Sarah opens up about adapting her schedule with her daughter’s schooling and our new normal reality 

43:27 – Invest to enhance your customer service!

45:17 – Sarah reveals her buyer consultation guide 

56:20 – Discover the impact that coaching has brought into Sarah’s life and business

59:39 – Find out how Sarah creates her social media strategy around being authentic 

1:06:57 – No one is perfect! Post that video or selfie!

1:08:12 – Do you have a great morning routine?


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