Are you differentiating yourself from the competition? 

In this episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, I talk with my brother and Rockstar agent Patrick Ferry on the many ways you can stand out in your market and be the best agent to your clients.

Patrick covers the four important KPI’s that every agent needs to know, winning scripts that will build trust and helpful tips and tricks to make you the agent consumers choose to work with.

From scripts that cover Open Houses that will give you a competitive advantage that will make agents choose you, you won’t want to miss this episode!

Get ready to show authority and uniqueness by incorporating these powerful scripts! If you haven’t texted me yet with a question, then hit me up at 949-216-5466! Let’s talk about how you can stand out in the market!

In this episode we talk about…

1:00 – Do you have these 5 business superpowers? 

2:52 – Discover the four KPI’s that Patrick Ferry prescribes for every new real estate agent

4:59 – Patrick sheds some light on the mistakes he was making in the first year of being an agent

8:42 – Find out the question that changed the game for Patrick

10:42 – Tom and Patrick talk about how you can increase your conversion rate

14:39 – Do you have a competitive advantage that will make people choose you over the competition?

15:55 – Adapt these vital questions into your scripts to get more listings!

17:39 – Discover the tips and tricks Patrick shares for more effective Open Houses 

20:56 – Patrick reveals money-making scripts 

24:20 – Listen to this helpful office buyer consultation script 

29:59 – Discover the step-by-step process Patrick uses for more effective buyer consultations

34:12 – Use these winning tactics in your next consultation

38:10 – Patrick reveals how he fixed his negotiation tactics 

41:22 – Discover how you can increase accepted offers 


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