Like it or not, we’re always negotiating in life. You’re either negotiating on where to eat with your loved ones or negotiating with potential clients to choose you as their real estate agent.

On today’s Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, my guest is Chris Voss, former FBI negotiator, CEO & founder of the Black Swan Group Ltd as well as author of “Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As if Your Life Depended on It.”

Chris shares his experience as the lead international kidnapping negotiator and how it relates to negotiating in the real estate sector.

He provides insightful tips on how to present yourself as the expert agent, how to differentiate between fake and real opportunities, and when to walk away from a good deal with bad people.

I’m also excited to share what you can expect from his keynote for this year’s Success Summit, including how to negotiate with clients and easy-to-use negotiation tactics! (Don’t miss our 50% off FLASH SALE for Summit tickets and/or LiveCast with promo code SSUSA)

Get ready to take a deep dive and become the expert agent negotiator of your area!

In this episode we talk about…

1:54 – Who is Chris Voss?

3:13 – Chris shares his 24 years of experience as an FBI negotiator

4:40 – How much time do you have to hold someone’s attention and keep it? Chris opens up about how he negotiated a kidnapping case in Haiti.

10:00 – “All you need to do is know the market and show your knowledge.”

10:46 – Chris talks about how to convince buyers/sellers to choose you over your competitors

11:57 – Find out what’s the sustainable competitive advantage that will set you apart

12:53 – Chris answers your questions and shares how you can negotiate successfully

15:43 – Don’t be mean to people or they might give you decaf

17:16 – Chris shares how to negotiate with people to get on your team and collaborate to solve problems

18:43 – Learn why 20% of your opportunities are fake opportunities

20:06 – Chris tells you how you can avoid those 20% fake opportunities

23:33 – Avoid these sales techniques that turn off potential clients

25:00 – “Focus on how people tell you what they want”

25:41 – Chris spills the beans on how to negotiate successfully through email

30:14 – Know the secret to telling the truth without being confrontational through email

33:12 – “People don’t have time for people who waste their time.”

34:10 – Avoid making your clients wonder when they’ll hear from you by having a playbook of when to call them

37:10 – Discover the 2 reasons why your buyers or sellers have stopped responding to you

40:00 – Chris shares what to say when your clients have stopped responding

42:38 – Pros make their money by being empathetic with EVERYONE – even the clients you don’t like.

44:34 – There’s no irrational client, they just have predictable patterns and learn how to avoid confrontation

47:25 – Chris shares the phrase you need to use when being empathetic with clients and the words to steer clear of

50:52 – Chris provides insightful advice when to walk away from a negotiation with a client

53:10 – Know how to decipher what clients say they want, what they really want and what’s really possible

55:39 – Chris tells you the question you need to ask your clients before doing business with them

57:38 – It’s not about how many deals you’ve done, it’s about establishing yourself as an expert

58:56 – Get ready to deep dive about negotiation tactics at Chris’ Summit keynote

1:00:46 – Learn about the negotiation tactic that applies to being a successful real estate agent

1:02:44 – When you build rapport, you have to be intentional on your voice tone, pacing, and inflection

1:04:48 – Learn how to motivate a buyer to make an offer without giving up negotiation to your seller

1:09:23 – “No matter the circumstances, you’re always working through people to affect the decision makers or deal killers.”

1:14:01 – Chris explains why his son might be an even better negotiator than him.

1:17:50 – Text and subscribe to Chris Voss’ negotiation newsletters and practice his advice


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