Steven Kim’s friends all know the drill…
When you’re around him, you turn off the cynicism, the negativity and you avoid complaining.
They know he’s not gonna stand for it.
You see, this Toronto top producer lives his life – and runs his business, too – on a simple premise:
Be great. Be kind.
(I told you it was simple.)
And because he truly believes it, lives it and communicates it… it’s so, so powerful!

How Can Such a Simple Idea Have Such Profound Impact?

In 2018, Steven joined Tom Ferry coaching, dramatically ramped up his commitment to his business, and ended up being awarded the Director’s Platinum Award, which recognizes the top four percent of real estate agents across Canada.
Oh, and by the way… he achieved all that while being a full-time elementary school teacher!
Yes, really.
However, Steven recently made a big transition in his life, resigning from his role as a teacher at the end of January so he can turn his full attention to real estate.

Tracing Steven’s Journey to Real Estate Success

When Steven first earned his real estate license in 2011, he did so solely with the intent to sell his own house… which he accomplished successfully with multiple offers!
He also enjoyed occasionally helping friends and family, but everyone knew his primary passion was teaching.
Well, sometimes things change, and Steven began to see that his “be great, be kind” approach could translate into big potential in real estate.
To his credit, he knew he needed additional guidance before embarking on such a huge career shift.
He did some research and decided to enroll in a coaching program with one of two different real estate coaching companies he’d selected.
Once he spoke with them, however, neither one impressed him enough to put his future in their hands.
“Then I watched some of Tom’s videos and realized I should do my due diligence and talk to someone at Tom Ferry, too,” Steven said.
Suddenly, everything clicked.

Mindset Matters

Steven explains once he connected with Rob, his Tom Ferry coach, it was like a re-birth.
“My attitude toward the business changed,” he says. “My whole mindset… how I function as a human being changed in 2018.”
Steven says Rob recognized limitations caused by Steven’s responsibilities as a teacher, but found a way to work within those constraints and still push Steven to grow as a businessperson. Rob built in accountability measures for Steven and got him to start treating real estate like a business.
To Steven’s credit, he came into coaching with a great attitude and was very coachable, Rob says.
“Right away I could see something special in him,” Rob recalls. “He cares more about contributing to the less fortunate than he does himself. He was unique in that he has this genuine caring about others and creating an outcome favoring his clients. It was indeed a rare mix of philanthropy and compassion.”
The next step was blending those unique personality traits into Steven’s USP.