1. Do: Post your own photos & videos
Your audience follows you to keep up on your listings, hear your thoughts and see what your clients have to say about your business. That’s why posting content that is actually taken by you is essential! Check out an example on how one of our rock star clients, Tim Smith, is using Instagram to promote his listings. Follow him at tsmith007 for even more great examples!timsmith
2. Don’t: Use or alter stock photos
Appealing real estate photography detailing your actual listings is the only way to get users to become followers and actually check out your real estate marketing. Snap a few shots of your listings here and there to stockpile visual marketing collateral.
4. Do: Find distinct uses for the hyper-lapse feature 
This one is a little trickier but try to use it to show off a development where one of your listings resides or highlight fun amenities around the community. Play around with it and get creative with ways to make it appeal to buyers and sellers.
5. Don’t: Edit listing photos to the point they become unrecognizable 
Generally, editing photos for your real estate marketing purposes is a big no-no. Fixing bad lighting is one thing, but avoid using various filters. The point is to show off the home as it is.
6. Do: Get past clients to participate in testimonial videos
Most clients will be happy to give a short 15 second blurb on what they loved about your business. Don’t be shy to ask them!

Tom Ferry - OnDemand Summit 2021