Through Instagram, real estate agents not only have the ability to showcase the features of their listings that can attract prospective buyers, but it also allows agents to connect with their audience and build brand awareness to generate a following and pull in more leads.

With that said, I pulled my top 10 ways to use Instagram for real estate from a recent article. In addition to these tips for using Instagram for real estate, this post will teach you why Instagram is a great tool for agents, strategies for Instagram marketing for realtors, and more.

Is Instagram Good for Real Estate Agents?

While all forms of social media are beneficial for real estate agents, today we’re going to discuss the power of Instagram. Instagram for real estate gives agents a platform to grow their business through a single post. If you’re hesitant to start using Instagram for real estate, consider these benefits:

  • Price: There’s nothing better than a free real estate agent tool, and Instagram is just that. By simply entering your account information, you can create a free Instagram profile that allows you to connect with your audience and share your listings without spending a dime.
  • Post listings: While you can post your listings in local newspapers and other print media, these forms of marketing don’t always reach the right people. By posting your listings to Instagram, you can showcase your client’s properties to a wider audience.How? Because virtually anyone, anywhere can view your profile, and you never know who may be interested in moving to your area, whether it’s a community member or someone across the country.
  • Generate leads: When you post a picture on Instagram, you can see which followers or users are consistently liking your posts, which may indicate they’re interested in buying or selling. You can then reach out to these followers via Direct Message and share your elevator pitch to generate leads.
  • Grow your brand: By gaining more visibility, you’re able to grow your brand, which is easy to do through Instagram. This is because Instagram often rewards users who post consistently, thanks to its algorithm. The more you post, the more your profile may show up on the Instagram Explore Page or as a user’s Suggested Follower, which can boost name and brand recognition.
  • Ease of use: Instagram is extremely user-friendly, which means you don’t need to be a professional to curate an aesthetic Instagram feed. You can use in-app features to edit your photos, and can even post your listings straight from your phone.

These are just some of the many benefits of using Instagram for real estate that can help you take your business to the next level. Now that you know why Instagram marketing for real estate agents is important, let’s explore the different ways to begin using this social media tool in your practice in the next sections.