A listing appointment checklist is a sure way to make sure you’re never missing anything you need – unless your checklist is missing something. 🙃

What’s your No. 1 priority right now? Let’s hear it… Yes, getting listing appointments… But those appointments won’t do much for you if your presentations suck. So, to ensure that they don’t suck, you need to be prepared. That means having a listing presentation checklist.

Truly productive agents love a good checklist because they know it allows them to give more effective presentations and stress less in the preparation. If you’re one of those agents who sighs at the thought of checklists, you better knock it off now, because you don’t know how much easier your life could be.

That’s why, to help you see the beauty of a masterfully done listing appointment checklist (and help you give better presentations), I’m dedicating this blog to the five things you absolutely must have on yours.

Ready? Let’s hit it…


Listing Appointment Checklist, Box 1: CMA / Comps

To us in the industry, you are in the marketing and sales game. To the consumer, you are in the numbers game. You’re the pro, the industry expert, the data lover.

Printing out a CMA and having it ready isn’t enough to check off this box. You need to have it memorized and then some.

The agents that I coach don’t just know the value and history of the homes they’re going on appointments for – they know that stuff for every home in their area (maybe even their entire city). They can tell you exactly how many homes are in their cities, how many of them are for sale, and just about everything else you can think of.

The point here isn’t just to show them what you know but to blow them away.

Now, am I saying that you shouldn’t go on a listing appointment until you know all this stuff for every home in the entire universe? Absolutely not. You need to be going on appointments RIGHT NOW, regardless of if you’re ready or not. Just be sure you’re always improving your knowledge.


Listing Appointment Checklist, Box 2: Know the Seller’s Needs

Of course, there are questions you’re going to ask at the appointment, but the seller’s specific needs are something you should already know before you get there. Some of this you’ll ask them. Some of it you’ll have to interpret yourself from running personal research.

Before the appointment, send your client an email with a list of questions including:

  • Why are you moving?
  • Are you moving locally or relocating to a different city or state?
  • When do you need to move by?
  • When will you be ready to put your home on the market?
  • Who all is listed on the title of the home?
  • Have you ever attempted to sell your home before?
  • Have you spoken with any other agents about this?
  • What do you believe your home is worth?

The more you know going in, the faster you can connect with them face-to-face and the more you can tailor your presentation to their needs. Which brings us to…

Listing Appointment Checklist, Box 3: Know Their Communication Style

Just as everyone has different needs when selling their home, they also have different needs when it comes to having a successful interaction. You’ve obviously familiar with the sayings, “We just clicked” or “We didn’t really click.” Well, your job is to click every time. That means adjusting your communication style.

You can feel out a lead’s communication style through the initial interactions you have with them, the questions they ask, and what they do for a living.

Are they super interested in the little details of things or are they more of a big picture person? Do they deal with numbers every day or is it their job to push things forward? Are they motivated more by social connection or the bottom line?

If you can’t get this info directly from them, check out their social media accounts and see how they post, what they’re interested in, and what motivates them.

A while back I wrote a blog on how to use DiSC profiles for this exact type of thing and I recommend you check it out.


Listing Appointment Checklist, Box 4: Presentation Slides

Watch this episode of my podcast to hear what having presentation slides does for Carolyn Young’s listing presentation game.

That’s all here. Next point…

Just kidding. But seriously, watch it. Carolyn Young went on 200 listing appointments in 2021 and of those, she landed the sale about 95% of the time!

Just wrap your head around that… Six million dollars in commission. And her secret weapon is the presentation of 70 beautiful, laminated, informative slides that she uses to wow her clientele.


Listing Appointment Checklist, Box 5: Role Play

What’s even sexier than a checklist? A checklist with “role play” on it…

If this entire thing has been out gathering your preparation materials, then this last step is about actually preparing.

Phil Jones always says that the worst time to think about what you’re going to say is when you’re saying it, and now I’m saying the same thing. You NEED to practice. So gather all the information above, get a partner, and make it feel real.

If you’re looking to arm yourself against some common objections, check out this blog.


Ready, Check, Go

A checklist is going to help you get materially and informationally prepared, but what about energetically? You can spit all the hot knowledge and suave words in the world and it won’t make up for lacking that spark, that fire in your belly…

That’s just one of the reasons that this year’s 20th anniversary Success Summit is absolutely crucial. It’s where agents come to arm themselves with inspiration, the words to say, the plays to run, and the ENERGY that’s going to last them throughout the entirety of the next year. You’ll even gain access to entire top agent playbooks specifically devoted to listing presentation skills and strategies!

The market’s bad? I don’t care! GET EXCITED and rise to the occasion!

Your business, health, and income depend on it.