This week, I have something of really insane value for you. I sat down with Carolyn Young, a 30-year veteran of the business, to role play the listing presentation script she uses to convert about 95% of her opportunities.

And for context, she went on 200 listing appointments last year. This year, she’s on track for SIX MILLION dollars in commission.

Her strategy is this… Carolyn has 70 beautiful, laminated slides which she brings with her to every appointment. She goes over them one by one and has her script adjustments ready for any objection that could possibly arise.

This is an episode you MUST watch or listen to, so I suggest you do that, right now. But I want to give you a heads-up… You’re not going to get to see the slides here. You will, however, get to see them in Dallas at our Summit event next month.

Carolyn will be doing an on-stage listing presentation complete with all 70 of her slides seen clearly on the big screen. She’ll handle the toughest objections and answer any questions you have. Believe me… you will not want to miss it. Reserve your spot at Summit today!

In this episode, we discuss…

0:00 – Meet Carolyn

2:45 – Listing appointment play

5:58 – Agent interviews

10:55 – Top slides and the conversion moment

14:30 – How do I compare?

16:57 – Getting this confident

18:50 – The toughest objection today

19:50 – One simple line for buyers

22:25 – Getting stopped in the comps

28:46 – Follow Carolyn