Essential Real Estate Script Questions for Buyer Objections

What is Script Practice in real estate?

Script practice in real estate refers to the process of agents rehearsing and refining specific dialogues and scripts that they use when communicating with clients, prospects, or other stakeholders in the real estate industry. This practice involves memorizing and practicing scripts to effectively handle various situations such as cold calling, lead follow-up, objection handling, and negotiation, ultimately aiming to enhance communication skills and improve overall performance in real estate transactions. 

Real Estate Scripts for Objections in The Current Market

People often wonder about the best buyer real estate scripts in the current market. The truth is, it all depends on the current state of the market. Right now, buying a house might seem daunting for many due to higher interest rates and concerns about home prices dropping. Using real estate scripts to address potential buyer objections can be tricky, as you don’t want to come across as too pushy. 

Today, we’ll discuss scripts for buyers that help you handle objections in a non-salesy way. Let’s get started by delving into the theory behind it all. 

The Phil Jones Method for Objection Handling

One of our Success Summit real estate speakers, Phil Jones, has brought our coaching members an objection-handling masterclass. By attending his masterclass, our coaching members gain valuable techniques and confidence to navigate objections seamlessly, ultimately enhancing their ability to close deals successfully in today’s competitive market. Here are some of his points.

“What is a real estate objection?”

During his masterclass, Phil posed the question, “What is an objection in real estate?” In its simplest definition, an “objection” is a challenge to your control. So, when someone throws you an objection and you throw an objection to their objection, it’s like you responded to a punch with a punch. Now you’re in a fight.

How to handle real estate objections with scripts

You need to lead the conversation, and that’s done with questions. When you respond to an objection with a question – or better yet, pose the question before the objection even comes – you establish your control and position yourself as an ally.

So, what questions should you be asking everyone you meet, especially potential home buyers, as part of your real estate scripts?

Questions to Include in Your Real Estate Scripts 

 The Trifecta 

Here’s a straightforward way to start a conversation about real estate. If you sense any nerves when real estate comes up, just ask: “What’s the scoop on the real estate market lately?” You might hear all sorts of wild ideas like:

  • The market’s crashing 
  • We’re heading for a housing mess
  • It’s the worst time to buy

But now here’s Part No. 2:

“Would you mind sharing your sources?”

Instead of coming across as pushy, approach the question with genuine curiosity. Typically, people get their information about real estate scripts from various sources like office chatter, family members, or news outlets that may not cover all aspects of the topic comprehensively.

Now, here’s Part No. 3:

“Has anyone taken the time to show you the real data on our local market?”

When you ask questions instead of just telling, it can be really effective. Instead of pushing a real estate scripted sales pitch, you’re offering something new. In a recent webinar with market expert David Childers, we shared Keeping Current Matters’ latest market data slides. These slides are for agents to use in their meetings and promotions. All you have to do is download the KCM slides here and then use them to do what you do best.

The Most Important Question

This real estate script is simple yet powerful. It asks buyers a crucial question: 

“How long are you planning on living in this home?” 

This question might not have crossed their minds before, but once you ask it, they’ll start thinking about their answer. By asking this, you show that you’re focused on understanding their needs before addressing any objections. It’s not just about their finances; it’s about their intentions for buying a home. Plus, this question encourages them to think long-term. 

When you share data on home price appreciation over time, it helps them see the benefits of buying now, even if the market seems uncertain. However, if they’re only planning to stay for a short while, you can help them explore other options that suit their needs.


Did You Write These Objection Script Ideas Down?

So there you go… the best real estate script ideas for today’s market. These questions are so simple yet powerful that I want you to have them not just memorized, but internalized and ready to use with every single person you talk to going forward.

I hope these scripts for real estate are helpful, and if you follow through with having these conversations, I know they will be.