What are the Best Real Estate Scripts for Buyers in This Market?

Everyone always asks, “What are best real estate scripts for buyers in this market?” The answer to that question is always, “Well, what is this market?” Because it really just depends.

For most people, right now can seem like a scary time to try to buy a house. Interest rates are higher than they’ve been in years and some people are even saying that home prices are set to start depreciating. So, when you try to use scripts to handle the objections of a potential buyer, it might not come off in the right way.

That’s what we’re going to talk about today – scripts for buyers that that allow you to handle objections without coming off as salesy.

Let’s dive right in with some of the theory here…


The Phil Jones Method of Objection Handling

If you were at this past Success Summit, then you’ll remember what a genius Phil Jones is. Well, our coaching members have been getting a whole bunch more of his brilliance lately with an objection-handling masterclass and his appearance on my members-exclusive show, “The Playbook with Head Coach Tom Ferry.”

During his masterclass, Phil posed the question, “What is an objection?” In its simplest definition, an “objection” is a challenge to your control. So, when someone throws you an objection and you throw an objection to their objection, it’s like you responded to a punch with punch. Now you’re in a fight.

Instead, you need to lead the conversation, and that’s done with questions. When you respond to an objection with a question – or better yet, pose the question before the objection even comes – you establish your control and position yourself as an ally.

With that said, what are the questions that you need to be asking every person (particularly potential buyers) you meet today?


Best Real Estate Scripts, No. 1: The Trifecta

This one is a super simple trifecta of questions that just gets the conversation rolling. When the talk turns to real estate and you get even the slightest sense of trepidation, I want you to ask whoever you’re talking to:

“What have you heard about the real estate market right now?”

You’ll probably hear all kinds of crazy things, such as:

  • The market is tanking
  • We’re going into a housing crisis
  • Now is the worst possible time to buy

But now here’s Part No. 2:

“Would you mind sharing your sources?”

Don’t ask this in an aggressive way. You’re asking because you’re simply curious. Most often you’ll hear that it’s workplace gossip, an aunt or a cousin, or maybe something they’ve heard on some big headline news source that doesn’t take all factors into account.

Now, here’s Part No. 3:

“Has anyone taken the time to show you the real data on our local market?”

Isn’t it powerful when you phrase it as a question? You’re not demanding to show them a sales pitch. You’re simply offering up a time to do a service for them that no one has yet. In yesterday’s webinar chat with market-trend expert David Childers, we gave everyone access to Keeping Current Matters’ most recent market data slides for agents to use in their appointments and marketing. All you have do is download the KCM slides here and then use them to do what you do best.


Best Real Estate Scripts, No. 2: The Most Important Question

This script is so beautiful because it’s only a single line, but it cuts right to the heart of what every buyer is thinking about.

“How long are you planning on living in this home?”

Often, they may not have even known they were asking themselves this question until you raise it, but once you do, they’ll know their answer. What you’re doing here is showing just how closely you’re assessing their needs, because too often agents try to handle an objection before they even know what a person is objecting to. You want to be the agent who qualifies a buyer based on their intentions behind buying a home, not just their financial situation.

The other beautiful part about this line is that it shakes them out of short-term thinking. When you show them the long-term home price appreciation data, it makes much more sense for them to buy now despite any minor turbulence in today’s market. Unless, of course, they are only planning to live in the house a short time, and then you can help them explore options that best fit their situation.


Did You Write These Down?

So there you go… the best real estate scripts for today’s market.

With only a few months left in the year, it’s time to get exceptionally serious. These questions are so simple yet powerful that I want you to have them not just memorized, but internalized and ready to use with every single person you talk to going forward.

I hope these scripts are helpful, and if you actually follow through with having these conversations, I know they will be.

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