Your Guide to Real Estate Prospecting Scripts

As a real estate agent, you’re going to have hundreds of interactions with clients and leads trying to sell them a home. During these conversations, you’ll hear their pain points, their goals, and more, allowing you to use this information to help them find the home of their dreams. However, finding new clients is often easier said than done. This is where real estate scripts come in.

Real estate prospecting scripts are a great way to boost your confidence, gain leads, and close deals. Whether you’re cold calling or working with a previous client, a real estate script can help you connect with a potential client and sell a home.

We’ve gathered examples of some of the best prospecting scripts for real estate agents, so you can be prepared for any situation you may find yourself in.

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What is a Real Estate Script?

A real estate prospecting script is a pre-planned set of dialogues used by professionals to engage potential clients. It includes key agent information, market trends, and prompts to gather prospect preferences. The goals of scripts in real estate are to establish rapport, gather information, and guide toward a successful transaction. Agents customize their real estate scripts for different situations while maintaining a consistent and professional approach to client acquisition.

Types of Real Estate Scripts:

  • Prospecting scripts to leverage your existing lead database
    • A real estate prospecting script to leverage your existing lead database is a strategic set of dialogues designed to initiate conversations with potential clients within your current contact list. It aims to engage leads, gather relevant information, and guide them towards successful real estate transactions, utilizing a pre-planned script tailored for effective communication and lead conversion.
  • Scripts for referrals
    • A real estate script for referrals is a set of predefined dialogues and prompts used by professionals to request and generate referrals from existing clients or contacts
  • For Sale By Owner Scripts
    • A For Sale By Owner (FSBO) script is a set of talking points used by agents when dealing with properties that are listed for sale by the owner. This real estate script is strategically crafted to engage with FSBO sellers, highlight the value of working with a real estate professional, and ultimately guide the owner toward considering agent representation.
  • Door Knocking Scripts
    • Door-knocking scripts aim to create a personal connection with potential clients and generate leads through face-to-face interactions. They often include key questions, responses to common objections, and a clear call-to-action to encourage further engagement or consideration to work with you.
  • Online Lead Conversion
    • This script is crafted to facilitate virtual conversations, often through emails, messages, or social media, with the goal of turning potential leads into clients. This real estate script is adapted for the online environment to effectively communicate and convert leads in the digital space.
  • Expired Listing Scripts
    • These scripts are used when contacting property owners whose listings have expired without being sold. The script is strategically crafted to re-engage with these homeowners, highlight the agent’s services, and address potential reasons for the listing not being successful previously. 
  • Open House Scripts
    • Open House Scripts aim to create a positive and informative experience for open house visitors, answer questions, and generate leads or interest in the property.
  • Buyer Scripts 
    • The goal of a Buyer Script is to establish rapport, address questions or concerns, and ultimately assist the buyer in finding a suitable property. It may include questions about desired features, budget considerations, and the home-buying process, aiming to facilitate a successful and satisfying real estate transaction for the buyer.
  • Pre-Listing Appointment Script
    • The goal of a Pre-Listing Appointment Script is used before your listing appointment to create a positive first impression, address any concerns, and set the stage for a successful collaboration between you and the property owner.

Prospecting Scripts for Leveraging the Database

As a realtor, one of the easiest ways to boost sales is by leveraging your existing lead database

Whether you maintain a Rolodex of client contacts or utilize CRM software for client management, having real estate prospecting scripts is crucial. Ensure you’re equipped with this script to effectively guide potential leads through the sales funnel, especially when seeking new customers within your database.

If you find yourself looking for new customers, leverage your database first and follow this real estate prospecting script:

  • You: Hello, my name is (insert name), and I work for (insert company). I hope you are doing well. Do you have a quick minute to talk? 
  • Client: Hi, yes, I’m free to talk.
  • You: Great! I was wondering if you need help answering any real estate questions. Do you want to know the price of your home or anything about the current market conditions? 
  • Client: Yes, I’d love to hear more!

Real Estate Scripts for Referrals

Another similar scenario where a script may come in handy is asking for referrals from existing clients. This real estate script for referrals goes as follows and can be used toward the end of a conversation:

  • You: My business is based on referrals from clients like you. Before you go, do you know of anyone who’s looking to buy or sell a home now or in the future? 
  • Client: Sorry, I don’t know of anyone at the moment.
  • You: That’s okay. I appreciate your time and help, and if you know of anyone in the future, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

When reading through these prospecting scripts for real estate agents, it’s important to remember to use them loosely. You never know how a conversation will pan out, so adapt it as needed. 

For Sale by Owner and Cold Call Scripts

Mastering a fofor-sale-by-owner script might be one of the most challenging tasks on your plate, as most FSBO property owners are selling their homes by themselves for a reason. During the listing appointment, it’s important to build trust, which can be done by thanking them for inviting you over, requesting a tour of the home, and asking them qualifying questions, such as:

  • “How long will you try to sell this home before you make the decision to list?”
  • “My original intention was just to preview the home. However, after touring, I am 100% confident I can sell it. By taking all of the work off of your shoulders, would you consider listing your home with me this week?”

Another strategy to secure FSBO listings is to drive through your area, identify FSBOs, and make cold calls. Below is a real estate cold call script for FSBO listings:

  • You: Hi, I’m (insert name) working for (insert company), I’m looking for the owner of the home for sale.
  • Owner: Hello
  • You: I noticed you listed your property with X bedrooms and X bathrooms. Are the rooms in good condition? How is the kitchen? Can you tell me more about the neighborhood?
  • Owner: Provides answer
  • You: Can you tell me why you’re selling?
  • Owner: I’m relocating for a job
  • You: Where are you moving to, and how did you decide on the area?
  • Owner: I’m moving to (name of area) because it’s close to work and has great schools
  • You: Great! Are you looking to sell to a friend, family member, or someone you know?
  • Owner: No one in particular
  • You: Great, what is your time frame and selling price? Also, what is your marketing strategy? If there was an advantage of using me to market your property, would you consider it?
  • Owner: Provides answer
  • You: Awesome, let’s get together for 20 minutes to discuss ways to achieve your goals. I look forward to working with you.

Scripts for Door-Knocking

Door-knocking in real estate is another great strategy for finding leads and homeowners looking to sell. 

While door-knocking may seem intimidating at first, having a door-knocking script memorized can help you gain their confidence and work with you to sell their property. Follow this script when door-knocking:

  • You: Hi, my name is (name) with (company), how are you today?
  • Owner: I’m doing well, how are you?
  • You: Great! I wanted to give you a quick update on the real estate market. Last month, we sold (X) homes, with (X) selling above the asking price. Were you aware of this?
  • Owner: No, I wasn’t aware.
  • You: Right now, we have more buyers than properties for sale. Are you interested in selling?

This is just one of the many real estate prospecting scripts you can use when door-knocking. Just make sure to modify it to your needs to appeal to your potential client.

Real Estate Agent Scripts for Online Lead Conversion

Another real estate script that will come in handy is one for online lead conversions. When it comes to online follow-ups, it’s important to remember that setting an appointment should always be your first goal. 

Below is a prospecting script for real estate agents who use online lead conversion:

  • You: Hi (user’s name), my name is (name) with (company). After receiving your request for a deal on a property in the area, is that where you’re looking to buy in?
  • User: Hello, thanks for reaching out. Yes, that’s the area I’m looking to buy in.
  • You: Do you have a price range? 
  • User: Around $400,000.
  • You: Is your house on the market?
  • User: Yes, it’s on the market.
  • You: Do you not have an agent since you’re looking online?
  • User: Correct, I’m not working with an agent at the moment.
  • You: Would you be interested in working with a realtor?
  • User: Yes, I’d be interested in discussing my options!
  • You: Perfect! Let’s meet for 15-20 minutes, so I can show you what it takes to buy a home.

Expired Listing Prospecting Scripts

Expired real estate listings pose great opportunities for other agents to swoop in and help a homeowner sell their home. If you come across an expired listing, follow this real estate script:

  • You: Hi, I’m looking for (name). This is (name) with (company). I noticed your home was no longer listed online. Is it on or off the market?
  • Homeowner: Hello, yes, my home is no longer on the market.
  • You: What reasons are you taking your home off the market? 
  • Homeowner: I haven’t had any offers.
  • You: Okay. If you did sell this home, where would you move?
  • Homeowner: I would have moved to (location).
  • You: When did you plan on selling and moving?
  • Homeowner: In three months
  • You: Why do you think your home didn’t sell?
  • Homeowner: I don’t think we marketed very well.
  • You: Knowing what you know now, what will you expect from your next agent?
  • Homeowner: Someone who’s reliable, knowledgeable, and knows how to market properties.

With this script, you’ll be able to build a rapport with a homeowner who wasn’t able to sell their home, gaining their confidence and trust that you have what it takes to help them reach their goals.

Open House Scripts and Talking Points

Hosting open houses is an excellent way to meet people in the area in which you work, along with finding leads and more potential buyers for your client. Open houses also serve as a great way to network, allowing you to spread brand awareness and the services you offer to those who visit the open house.

When you host an open house and a potential buyer walks through your door, follow this real estate script below:

  • You: Hi, I’m (name) working with (company name). How are you doing today?
  • Potential buyer: Great! How are you?
  • You: Fantastic! What is your name?
  • Potential buyer: Provides name.
  • You: (Potential buyer’s name), what brought you to my open house?
  • Potential buyer: I saw a listing in the local newspaper
  • You: Do you have a type of home you’re looking for?
  • Potential buyer: A raised ranch with three bedrooms.
  • You: Has anyone been helping you with your home search?
  • Potential buyer: I’ve been looking by myself.
  • You: What areas have you been looking at?
  • Potential buyer: I’m interested in this neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods. 
  • You: Have you seen any homes that you’ve liked?
  • Potential buyer: I liked a few raised ranches and a couple of colonials I toured.
  • You: Wonderful! What held you back from making an offer?
  • Potential buyer: I wasn’t sure if it was right for me.
  • You: Do you have a price range?
  • Potential buyer: $250,000
  • You: Excellent! What’s your lender’s name and how much did they approve you for?

Through a conversation with a potential buyer at an open house, it’s important to understand their wants and needs. 

If they tour the home and decide it’s not right for them, make sure to let them know you have multiple other listings that might be a perfect match and that you’d be interested in showing them.

The Buyer Consultation

While real estate agents work with homeowners trying to sell their homes, they also spend much of their time working with buyers searching for a home. If you have a potential buyer, follow this real estate prospecting script and ask these important questions:

  1. What are some of the reasons for making the move? 
  2. What websites do you use to find property? How’s it going so far?
  3. Tell me more about what hasn’t worked for you throughout the home buying process?
  4. Have you seen anything you really like?
  5. What’s important to you about the location you live in?
  6. What are the five things you can’t live without?
  7. How soon would you like to be in the new home? 
  8. What price range are you looking in?
  9. Have you met with a lender? 
  10. Is there anyone else involved in the home buying process? 
  11. Do you have any questions for me?

Once you go through this buyer questionnaire, talk through the home buying process with the potential buyer. This includes information such as how to choose an agent, how to get approved by a lender, ways to negotiate, and so forth. 

After that, gain their trust by explaining what sets you apart from the rest, such as how you go above and beyond for your clients, and the tools and resources you have to help them find their dream home in their price range.

Pre-Listing Appointment Script

It’s also important to have a real estate prospecting script before a scheduled listing presentation where you receive the signed contract to sell someone’s home. 

Having a listing presentation script for this scenario can help ensure this step of the process goes smoothly. Here’s how it goes:

  • You: Hi (name), it’s (your name) with (company). I’m calling to confirm our appointment for (day/time). Does that time still work for you?
  • Homeowner: Hello! Yes, it does.
  • You: Great! Let’s review a few things. You’re moving to (city) when you move, is that right?
  • Homeowner: Correct.
  • You: And you want to be there by (date), right?
  • Homeowner: Yes
  • You: Fantastic! Tell me again, what are your main reasons for selling this property? And what price do you want to sell your home for?
  • Homeowner: I’m relocating for a job, and I want to sell my home for $350,000.
  • You: How did you come up with that price?
  • Homeowner: I looked at homes selling nearby.
  • You: How much do you owe on the property?
  • Homeowner: $50,000.
  • You: Great. Are there any special features that you feel could impact the value? 
  • Homeowner: Yes, I recently installed a new roof and driveway.
  • You: Perfect, and is there anything that could negatively impact the property value?
  • Homeowner: The windows will need to be replaced soon.
  • You: This sounds great. I’ll be sending over my marketing proposal via email. Can you review it before I arrive?
  • Homeowner: Yes, I can do that.
  • You: I’m really excited about the opportunity to sell your home. I want to be 100% prepared before I come out, so I have some additional questions for you. Do you have a few minutes?
  • Homeowner: Thank you, and yes, I have some time.
  • You: Fantastic! Will all the decision makers be there when I arrive?
  • Homeowner: Yes, they will.
  • You: Do you have any questions for me before I arrive to prepare for our meeting?
  • Homeowner: Not at the moment.
  • You: Perfect. Will you be ready to list with me at the appointment? 
  • You: (If homeowner says no) Tell me about that? (discover and resolve)
  • You: (If homeowner says yes) Wonderful. Please have a copy of your key and your mortgage information handy for me.
  • Homeowner: Will do.
  • You: Great. I have everything I need to get started. Again, I’ll be sending over my marketing plan and more. Will you take a few moments and review it?
  • Homeowner: Yes, I will.
  • You: Wonderful. I look forward to seeing you (day/time). Have a great day.

Depending on how the conversation goes, you will be able to go over your marketing plan to explain to your client how you plan to sell their home. You can also go over a pricing presentation and other pertinent information the client might need to know.

In the dynamic world of real estate, where effective communication is paramount, having well-prepared real estate scripts ensures that agents can navigate conversations with confidence and professionalism. Want to take it further? Take a look at our free Agent Tools for all sorts of case studies, scripts, and proven tips to accelerate agent growth.

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