I love your ambition!

Over this past weekend, I asked people to share their yearly goals in my Instagram Stories and then I provided some feedback.

Let me just say I’m impressed with how lofty many of your goals are!

When I took a step back and looked at what everyone wanted to accomplish and what is needed to achieve those goals, five big-picture tips emerged.

So I decided to feature them in today’s blog.

Now, all five might not apply to your goals, but they’re worth consideration anyway.

Let’s dive in!

Growth Tip No. 1: Focus on Your HBUT

“Focus on my what, Tom?”

If that’s ^^^ you, HBUT stands for Highest and Best Use of your Time.

Basically, where do you excel? Because that’s what you need to do more of this year if you want to achieve those big, groundbreaking goals.

In order to focus more time on your HBUT, you’re going to need to grow your team and/or delegate or outsource tasks to give you that time.

If your goal is to grow, it might be time to hire that first assistant, or bring on a transaction coordinator, or add a Buyers Agent to the team. Or maybe it’s bringing on a killer operator to handle all of the operational side of the business, allowing you to focus on the sales.

Whatever the case, you need to be focused on what YOU do best, and without that support, you’ll be stretched too thin to make a difference.

So… who do you need to hire so you can spend more time in your wheelhouse?

Growth Tip No. 2: Refine or Expand Your Lead Sources

As I mentioned earlier, I was really impressed with how ambitious some of your goals were.

Just an example… one person said they want to go from $9m in sales this year to $20 million next year.

Here’s the thing: More of the same or “working harder” won’t double your business in a year.

But here’s what will… adding new lead sources and maximizing your existing sources.

Which begs a few crucial questions:

  • How well are you tracking each lead source currently?
  • What lead sources are doing well that you can double or triple down on?
  • What lead sources are underperforming and need adjustment (or should be ditched entirely)?
  • What new lead sources can you add to broaden your reach and expose yourself to more potential clients? (And ideally, raise your price point in the process.)

Pure and simple, you’re going to need more channels of incoming business if you want to dramatically increase your production in just one year. Answer those questions, create your ideal marketing mix, and then stick to your plan!