A goal setting template to refine your goals as we approach Q3.

Tomorrow is the last day of the first half of 2023. 

And if you’re like the majority of agents, it hasn’t gone the way you envisioned. 

It’s time to check in and take stock of your progress. Are you on track to achieve those goals you set back in January? Regardless of your answer, this is the time to refine and adjust. And that’s why you need a goal setting template.

In today’s blog, we’re setting SMART goals. I’m throwing a bunch of important questions at you that you NEED to answer if you want to make the second half of 2023 better than the first.

Not only is a mid-year review important for adjusting your future goals, but it also provides a great opportunity to celebrate your progress and recognize the milestones you’ve achieved so far. No matter how small, acknowledging your hard work along the way will motivate you to keep working towards your goals.

Let’s dive in so you can identify the adjustments you need to make now! 


Goal Setting Template Step 1: Specific  

Instead of setting broad, general goals, break them down into smaller, actionable steps to create a clear path to success. By narrowing the scope, you can direct your efforts more effectively and make progress incrementally. Most importantly, you need specificity. 

Ask yourself these questions:

Exactly how much do I want to make? Be specific. 


What resources am I willing to put forth to achieve this goal? 


How can achieving this goal help me contribute more meaningfully to my:

  • Family
  • Health
  • Finances
  • Career


How would this goal increase my ability to experience joy each day? 


In what ways will striving for this goal help me to grow in knowledge and ability? 


Goal Setting Template Step 2: Measurable 

Measurable goals allow you to track your progress over time. This involves establishing a method to measure and record your progress toward the goal. 


Ask yourself these questions:

What is the schedule or deadline I have created in order to achieve this goal?


Do I have the necessary tools to track and measure my progress?


How will I know when I’ve achieved my goal? What does it look like? 


Are there quantifiable benchmarks in place for me to celebrate my small wins along the way? 


Goal Setting Template Step 3: Achievable 

Goals should create challenges to push you, but they should also be based on a realistic assessment of your abilities, resources, and constraints. 

Ask yourself these questions:


What obstacles or roadblocks might I encounter along the way?


Do I have the knowledge and skills to pursue this goal? If not, what resources do I need to seek out to develop those skills? 


What specific steps can I take each day to move towards achieving this goal?


What daily routines or habits can I form to positively impact my success with this goal? 


Goal Setting Template Step 4: Relevant 

A relevant goal is in sync with your broader objectives and aspirations. It should be connected to your long-term vision and overall progress. 

Ask yourself these questions:

Does this goal support my personal growth, professional development, or over-all well-being?


How will this goal positively impact my life or the lives of others?


Does this goal challenge me and push me outside of my comfort zone in a constructive way?


If I achieve this goal, will it provide clarity on the next steps toward my long term-vision and future goals? 


Goal Setting Template Step 5: Time Bound 

Setting a deadline creates a sense of accountability and prompts you to take action on your goal. It’s important to set a realistic timeframe; setting an overly ambitious or unachievable deadline can lead to frustration or burnout. 

Ask yourself these questions:

What is the specific deadline by which I want to achieve this goal?


Is the timeframe I outlined for myself realistic and achievable?


Does my projected timeline take into account external factors that may impact my deadline?


How will I hold myself accountable and stay motivated along the way? Did I schedule time periodically to reflect on my progress and assess my priorities going forward?  


Next Step: Turn Your Answers into Action 

I gave you a lot to think about here. But I did so because it’s important to answer these questions now so you’re ready to dominate the second half of the year. Use your answers to build momentum and spur yourself into massive action to finish the year strong!

And if you need an extra boost of energy and new strategies, there’s no better place to get yourself into action than at the 20th anniversary Success Summit in Dallas, August 22-24. Will I see you there? Let me know why or why not in the comments below.