100 days…

Tick tock, tick tock.

Whether you’re looking to finish the year strong or wanting to set yourself up for success next year, now is the time to act.

And I’ve got six steps for you to follow that will make both possible.

I call it The Ultimate Success Formula, and I’m happy to share it with you today…

Let’s go!


Step 1: Know Exactly What You Want

Tim Ferriss once said, “Life punishes the vague wish and rewards the specific ask.”

He’s right, ya know.

Which means if you want to finish this year strong, you can’t just say “I want to finish strong.” Instead, you need to define in specific detail what that means to you.

It’s time to get crystal clear about what you want to achieve over the next 100 days… whatever it is!

It might be a certain number of closed transactions. It might be a revenue dollar figure. It might be X amount of listing appointments.

But here’s what I know… It’s time to get super clear and post it for all to see. I should be able to walk into your office and immediately see that you’re working toward a goal that’s up and visual.

So… what is it that you want to accomplish in the next 100 days?


Step 2: Reset Your Motivation

Here in late September, you may be in a completely different state of mind than you were when you established your goals this year.

Which means it’s time to reset your “why” – the ambition behind your work.

What’s motivating you today?

Or for some, the opposite question might spur you into action: What are you no longer willing to stand for?

Give it some thought and get clear on why you’re working so hard every day. You need that inspiration to dominate the next 100 days. (Which don’t fool yourself… it really isn’t 100 days, but I’ll touch on that later.)


Step 3: Create a Simple Plan

In a 100-day sprint, you don’t need a complex strategy to follow.

Instead, you want to create a simple plan that reverse engineers whatever you said you want to accomplish in Step 1 above to figure out how you’ll achieve it.

Basically, what’s the plan to achieve your goal?

If you want 25 more listing appointments, how many calls do you need to make daily to reach that goal?

And on that note, don’t be shy about calling homeowners right now. During the last 18 months, housing prices have increased substantially, and many homeowners are eager to learn how much their home is worth in today’s economy. Open up the conversation, connect and inform people, and ask this question: “With rates as low as this, what are your plans for this home over the next three, four, or five years?”