What are you doing to step up and stand out in our current reality?

In today’s episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, I’m sharing a session from this year’s Success Summit and revealing the 8 actions you need to take to become the agent of the future.

This year’s Success Summit was better than it was ever before, and I went all in on helping you become the best agent for this market.

While you listen to this episode, I want you to take the time to check off which actions you’re excelling in and circle the ones you need to work on. Take some notes and get creative on how you can move your business forward.

I want you to be honest with yourself. Where do you need to lean in and make improvements? Our current reality has shown us that we need to adjust ASAP! Time is not waiting for us and we need to be innovative to adapt. So, what step in this 8 action strategy do you need to work to become the agent of the future?

In this episode we talk about…

0:11 – Let me know, how’s your 2020?

2:30 – Are you ready for an operational comeback?

3:59 – Business is economic Darwinism! Those who pivoted…survived and thrived

4:48 – Let’s be honest, did you save up for the winter that we’re living in?

8:20 – “You’re okay where you are, but you’re too good to stay there.”

9:10 – These are the 8 steps to Embody the Agent of the Future

9:26 – Save more money!

11:13 – You have to maintain a growth mindset

12:18 – Is your marketing scaling trust and attracting clients to generate appointments?

13:47 – Go all in on video!

16:26 – You have to make trusted advisor consultations 

17:40 – Are you a master of negotiation?

18:46 – What are you waiting for? Start using tech to meet your client’s demands!

18:50 – Are you outsourcing so you can focus more time on what you do best?


Success Summit

Joseph McClendon III

Chris Kwon

Stefan Swanepoel