The question isn’t if you should start doing video, it’s how will you capture your legacy through video?

In today’s episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, Rockstar agent Chris Kwon and I talk about the importance of creating meaningful and fresh videos that will not only boost your status as the trusted agent, but really capture the person that you truly are!

Chris shares his donkey and unicorn videos and how he’s evolved throughout the years. He also explains why doing his own video production has helped him hire the correct people to elevate his videos. 

This episode gets even better when video producers, Tristan Ervin and Brandon Villalovos join us to discuss different ways to create compelling videos, what to do to escape creative ruts, and stepping into your alter ego!

Video creates impact not only to your business, but to your family, the people that surround you and can ultimately attract your community!

Listen to the episode to discover how you can connect with your tribe through video!

In this episode we talk about…

1:01 – Chris Kwon talks about feeling at home when surrounded by the Tom Ferry ecosystem

2:02 – Chris shares his real estate video evolution and how it has helped him to hire the right people

2:43 – Listen to Chris talk about his golf background and how he followed his real estate path 

6:43 – You have to be disciplined and practice your habits if you want to thrive in this industry 

9:23 – Discover how Chris was influenced and motivated to start creating videos

12:50 – Do you have a certain level of fear of doing video? Overcome it with this advice from Chris

15:37 – Listen to Chris’ donkey video

17:40 – Chris shares his unicorn video and explains why he’s proud of it

21:25 – Chris shares the vast video content that he produces 

23:21 – Video producers, Tristan Ervin and Brandon Villalovos share their thoughts on creating quality content

26:28 – When you’re doing video it’s important to make mistakes!

28:50 – Find out who inspires Tristan, Chris, and Brandon to produce fresh, innovative content

32:00 – It’s important to create a list of all your video ideas and to pull inspiration from everywhere!

36:41 – Are you shy or self-conscious about being on video? It’s time to step into your alter-ego!

38:52 – If you’re stuck in a creative rut, listen to these helpful tips!

40:43 – Check out these Rockstar real estate agents making mind blowing videos!

43:16 – Is there a YouTube hack that can make you go viral? Listen to find out!

48:07 – Should you advertise your videos to gain attention? 

50:05 – Chris shares his LinkedIn business strategy! 

52:03 – If you’re still on the fence of doing video, listen to how it has helped Chris with his real estate career

55:00 – “Just start doing video! You won’t progress if you don’t start.”


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