What happens when you’re putting in the work and all the doors seem to be closing in your face?

You obviously feel that sting of disappointment and frustration that nothing is going the way you’ve been working for

Instead of feeling defeated and lost, I suggest asking yourself… What is your vision for your life?

On today’s episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, I go in deep about what rattled me and how I didn’t let it suffocate me. What helped me then is still guiding me to this day, and I share it on THIS episode!

I want you to take some time to do an exercise of writing out your 20-year-vision letter. Where do you see yourself? I’m talking EVERYTHING… professionally, your relationships with loved ones, your emotional growth, mental growth and the relationship you have with yourself. Sprinkle in some feelings and really take the time to write it all down

 You see, nothing really rattles me because I have a total certainty of what I want in life. My 20-year-vision letter helps me when deals go sideways or when a client says no to me. 

The essence of what I truly want is crystal clear and those closed doors are actually helpful. They’re helping me feel really grateful for those open windows of opportunities and golden accomplishments in my life.

You will always have problems. The question is will you always have a vision?

In this episode we talk about…

1:20 – What do you do when you work for your goals, but keep getting stopped?

 2:44 – Having a bigger vision and perspective for your life and career will help you row past the failures 

 3:46 – How long are you planning to live? 

 4:31 – There are two types of people in this world… which one are you?

 5:44 – I challenge you to write your 20-year-vision letter! 

 7:46 – Tom shares his 20-year-vision letter

11:24 – You have to envision the person and life that you want

 14:31 – How do you want your life to be in 20 years? Start writing! 

 19:34 – Tom shares details of his own 20-year-vision letter

 20:43 – Remember that every mistake, script, and experience is part of the process 

 21:25 – Challenge yourself to write the vision for your life


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