When we’re working towards our breakthrough, we never think of how it can affect our brains.

Do you want to have a better mind and a healthy brain? I bet you don’t consider this when doing your Hour of Power or doing Open Houses. 

At one point in my life, I myself hadn’t really considered the things, food or even sports that can damage my brain and ultimately my work! 

Which is why I’m so excited about today’s Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, where I talk with my dear friend and the man that helped me improve my brain health, Dr. Daniel Amen. 

Dr. Amen is a psychiatrist who works to improve brain health and believes its the secret to success! 

We talk about great tips to boost your brain health, how he helped me get my brain in check, and how having Brain Envy will get you on track! 

Dr. Amen also shares his work with Brain SPECT and the secrets to anti-aging! 

If you want your breakthrough to last for many years and with great physical and brain health, then you better get comfortable and dive into the episode!

Change your brain and you can change your life!

In this episode we talk about…

0:19 – Tom shares a personal moment, the results of having a fifth concussion and meeting Dr. Daniel Amen

3:51 – Listen to how Tom did brain work with Dr. Daniel Amen

5:50 – Dr. Daniel Amen describes his childhood and working in West Germany 

9:03 – Dr. Amen reveals how he won the California State Championship for Peace Orator award and going to medical school

10:29 – Discover the reason why Dr. Amen chose to become a psychiatrist 

12:05 – Dr. Amen talks about the brain appointment he had with Logan Paul

13:04 – Find out more about Dr. Amen’s medical studies and his search of Neurofeedback 

14:18 – Dr. Amen shares how his work changed with Brain Spect and helped his patients

16:43 – Discover how damage in your Temporal Lobes and Frontal Lobes can affect your life

18:41 – Dr. Amen explains how Brain SPECT works and what it tells you about your brain

19:29 – Listen to Dr. Amen describe Tom’s Right and Temporal Lobe 

20:40 – Do you want to learn the secret to anti-aging? Listen to Dr. Amen’s answer!

22:37 – Learn about Tom’s Cerebellum and how past traumas can affect your brain

26:20 – “If you damage your brain, you damage your ability of doing anything in your life.”

28:00 – Dr. Amen talks about Brain Envy and having a better Brain Health

30:17 – Discover the risk factors that STEAL your mind 

34:56 – Learn about the TINY habits that can help your brain

37:26 – Did you know that you’re more likely to be anxious and have trouble sleeping if your gut isn’t right?

39:14 – Find out how to fall in love with your brain! 

40:47 – “Genes are not a death sentence, it should be a wake-up call.”

41:52 – Dr. Amen describes Tom’s Brain SPECT scan and how they’re working to have a better brain

43:32 – “It’s not about you, it’s about generations of you.”

46:36 – Having Brain Envy will make you want to have a healthier brain 

47:36 – Dr. Amen shares the story of how he saved his 9 year old nephew, Andrew. 

52:34 – Do you want to know how to eliminate the lows of depression? Find our the answers!

54:37 – Dr. Amen shares the best supplements for your brain

57:00 – Are you getting a blood work panel? Find out how to get a free brain assessment from Dr. Amen

59:01 – Dr. Amen answers all your brain questions! Listen now!

1:05:13 – Avoid these toxins that affect your brain 

1:10:46 – Be thoughtful when playing video games and using social media

1:14:00 – Dr. Amen shares a story about his church sending people early to Heaven with their donuts

1:17:15 – Listen to Dr. Amen’s story of treating Anthony Davis and 300 other NFL players

1:20:12 – Find out Dr. Amen’s treatment for traumatic brain injury

1:22:14 – Listen to Dr. Amen share about his relationship with his father and how he helped improve his mental and physical health

1:26:09 – Dr. Amen shares his best tips to improve your brain and the triggers to avoid

1:30:12 – Fluorescent lights aren’t for everybody and disrupt your brain

1:33:00 – Improving your immunity will keep your brain healthy

1:35:31 – Dr. Amen talks about the upcoming movie where he helps people’s brains

1:38:40 – Listen to Dr. Amen’s opinion about Neuralink

1:40:23 – Have you heard about Diabesity? Find out what it is!

1:41:32 – Change Your Brain, Change Your Life and Change Your Brain, Change Your Grades are great book recommendations!

1:43:33 – Find out how to avoid Diabesity

1:44:17 – Want to know the optimal sleeping hours? Listen now!

1:46:47 – Top 3 tips to optimize your brain health!

1:48:15 – Listen up parents: It’s never too late to change the results of life-changing decisions! 

1:51:03 – Does talking to a therapist help with brain trauma? Listen to the answer!

1:53::42 – Dr. Amen shares a story about treating patients who failed marriage therapy

1:56:42 – Listen to Dr. Amen’s opinion about hypnotherapy 

1:57:34 – Dr. Amen gives his recommendations for an ideal morning routine

1:59:41 – Want to go deeper in Dr.Amen’s work? Find out now!


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