When it comes to real estate strategy, it doesn’t matter who you are: ideas are meaningless unless you execute. If you want to move the needle, you need to do what others aren’tor won’t.  

This week I’ve invited master coaches and national speakers Bill Pipes, Jeff Mays and Jason Pantana to share the top real estate strategies they’re seeing their clients use to get deals and move the needle. 

Whether you’re a high-end seller or a new agent, there’s a real estate strategy in today’s Tom Ferry Podcast Experience that will help you take more listings and close more deals. 

In this episode, we discuss…

00:30 – Introductions

02:50 – What’s working for agents right now? 

03:54 – Jeff: Mega Open House success

08:15 – Jason: Make the phone ring with Google My Business

11:07 – Photos for Google My Business

11:50 – Bill: CMA a day

16:42 – SOI for new agents

20:24 – Jeff: Call me real estate strategy

21:59 – Jason: TubeBuddy

25:25 – Jason: Video discovery ads

26:37 – Bill: Get their ass off the fence script

33:34 – Jeff: Tax records real estate strategy

36:07 – Jason: Weekly email recap

43:22 – Bill: Gifts lead to referrals

47:27 – Real estate strategies for investors and Non-owner occupied

53:49 – Do one new thing

55:54 – Jason: Use the data

1:00:45 – Jeff: Did you hear about your neighbor?

1:04:38 – Bill: Neighbor check-ins

1:08:21 – The Do Not Call list

1:09:42 – Jason: In-stream YouTube ads

1:12:41 – YouTube videos

1:15:12 – Jason: Epic Listing Vlog

1:17:46 – Execution is key