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Non-Owner Occupied Offer

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Non Owner Occupied – Helping the Small Real Estate Investor

90 minutes a day to an extra $150k annual GCI.

Looking for a new, untapped real estate lead source but don’t want to dominate your schedule? We’ve got the ideal solution… Targeting small investors with non-owner-occupied real estate properties! Discover how one agent devoted 90 minutes a day to this underutilized lead gen strategy to the tune of an additional $150k in annual GCI.

Find out exactly how he did it in our FREE guide to non-owner-occupied properties!

“Non Owner Occupied – Helping the Small Investor” is an in-depth case study that identifies this real estate lead source and how to find “the ideal client,” apps to use, what to say when you reach out, and three steps to successful follow-up with real estate investors!

Download your non-owner-occupied real estate resource now – totally free!

“Non-Owner-Occupied Properties – Helping the Small Real Estate Investor” includes:

  • 4 powerful appointment-setting scripts to get your foot in the door
  • Two online tools that are instrumental to working with real estate investors
  • How to conduct sufficient research about a property in under a minute
  • Tips for targeting just the right type of investor who is most in need of your services
  • FREE coaching consultation call (A $395 value)

After you download this free guide to non-owner-occupied real estate, then your next step is to self-schedule your free coaching consultation to discover why Tom Ferry coaching members earn 10X the industry average. We’ll include a link with the email to deliver your guide.