The more efficient you can become in your business, the more success you’re going to enjoy and more money you’re going to make. With that in mind, we’re introducing you to our complete list of best real estate apps for agents that can help you take your business to the next level.

The video above includes hands-on walkthroughs on how to use some of these apps, while you’ll find links and descriptions of each below, so you can try them out for yourself.

So get ready, grab your phone, watch, follow along, pause and install these apps as you go. By incorporating these apps for real estate agents into your day-to-day, you’ll be able to improve your marketing, generate more leads, become more productive, and much more.

Real Estate Apps for Marketing

To start off, we’re going to look at the best apps for realtors to help improve marketing. Marketing is essential to any business, especially a real estate business, as name recognition and brand identity are essential.

Prospective buyers and sellers want to see the work you do, which makes media like photo and video crucial to your success. By leveraging the power of real estate apps, you can improve your marketing efforts, grow your brand, and reach a broader audience. Take a look below.

1. Videoshop

Advanced feature-set video editing on the go, Videoshop allows you to add text and/or music, apply filters or slow-motion effects, cut and edit videos directly on your phone. It’s available for both iOS and Android.

Apple Store



Everybody likes win-win scenarios, right? GenM creates win-win relationships between professionals like you and fresh-out-of-school digital marketing apprentices seeking real-world business experience. Get the marketing help you need at just $49/month!

3. Canva

“Online design made easy” is Canva’s claim to fame, allowing non-designers to create beautiful, Instagram-worthy photos, social media posts, marketing pieces, graphs and more!


4. Sprizzy

The more views your video receives, the higher YouTube’s algorithm rates it. Sprizzy takes advantage of this phenomenon by charging a nominal fee to put your video in front of more eyeballs. And yes, they’re real people, not bots. If you need more exposure or are trying to “go viral” or increase your follower count, give it a try.


5. HomeBot

HomeBot provides your clients with pertinent, personalized information about their home labeled with YOUR BRAND! It includes the current and historical value of their home, appreciation since they purchased, their equity, tips for saving on interest payments and much more. These automated reports cement your status of your clients’ “knowledge broker” and keep them coming back to you with repeat business and referrals.