3 Killer Real Estate Productivity Apps You Should Install Right Now – #TomFerryShow

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The more efficient you can become in your business, the more success you’re going to enjoy and more money you’re going to make.

With that in mind, we’re introducing you to three productivity-enhancing apps you should definitely be using.

The video above includes hands-on walkthroughs on how to use these apps, while you’ll find links and descriptions of each below!

So get ready, grab your phone, watch, follow along, pause and install these apps as you go.


“Must Have” App No. 1: ShowingTime

With high buyer demand right now, it can be overwhelming to schedule all your showings.

The ShowingTime app makes it easier than ever, and also allows you to get feedback to provide to your seller, review active listing inventory, and much more!

Don’t miss this one!



“Must Have” App No. 2: Dropbox

Dropbox isn’t a real estate-specific app, but it makes it so incredibly easy to store all your important documents in one place, you might think it was designed with real estate professionals in mind.

You can organize files and view them easily from your phone while out in the field. You can access and send them from anywhere, anytime.

PRO TIP: Set up your folders like Yvonne with Real Estate > Master > Placeholders including all docs involved in a transaction. Then every time you get a new listing, you can simply copy the folder and rename it with the property address, and you’re all set!

Dropbox is also compatible with DocuSign, making it easy to get those much-needed signatures no matter where you or your clients are.



“Must Have” App No. 3: LawyersAgent ONE

This handy app helps you figure out buyers’ and sellers’ cost and net sheets. After filling out a few fully customizable fields and hitting the “Compute” button, it will tell you everything: The exact expected payment with principal and interest.

Not only is this helpful when working with a client, but also in your marketing. Fully integrated with social media, it will allow you to create an example post to give people a detailed look at what it costs to buy a house.

Yvonne says it’s the “Best closing tool you will ever use!”

May vary from region to region, but look for similar apps from title companies in your area if it’s not applicable in your market.



How many did you have? Which did you install? Sound off and let me know your favorite real estate apps in the comments below!


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