Play along with me here…

What happens when you don’t have a system for a certain task?

…You have to think, which eats up costly time.

…You have to come up with all the steps – and hope you don’t overlook anything.

…And then you have to rely on your memory to make sure it gets done. Every day!

Is that really how you plan to run a successful business?

I certainly hope not.

So the solution is simple… you NEED systems in place to run a highly productive business.

But which ones are most important?

That’s exactly what I’m covering in today’s #TomFerryShow… 10 “must-have” systems you need to succeed, including 25+ recommendations of my favorite tech solutions out there.

Interested? Keep reading!

“Must Have” Business System No. 1: CRM

Everybody wants to talk about what CRM is the best around.

And there are definitely some good ones… Boomtown and Follow Up Boss come to mind.

But my real answer is this: The one your company gives you for free.

Why? Because it’s not so much the software that matters as much as it is your commitment to “live” inside it every day.

If you have enough discipline and commitment, an Excel spreadsheet can do the trick.

Choose something and commit to making it a huge part of your business on a daily basis.


“Must Have” Business System No. 2: Email Service Provider (ESP)

With a 44-to-1 return on investment, you can’t afford NOT to include email as an important component of your marketing campaign.

The key isn’t just sending emails, though… Google and Outlook are not Email Service Providers.

What you need is a system that will help you automate your campaigns and make your life easier.

A few I’d recommend checking out include Mailchimp, AWeber, ConvertKit, and of course, BombBomb to add video email capabilities.