It’s the most wonderful time of the year again (for real estate agents)! My annual Success Summit is just weeks away! 

And this is no normal Summit… This is our 20th anniversary, which means that even if you’ve been with us for all 20 years, this year’s Summit is certain to be unlike any you’ve ever experienced before. 

So, there’s a good reason for you to be excited, but right now I’m going to talk about why I’m excited. While most podcasters and presenters spend more of their time talking, I’m the type who prefers to listen and take tons of notes. And that’s exactly what I do at Summit. I’m dying to learn, take notes, and make positive changes in my own business.

That’s why in this week’s blog, I’m going to share the five speakers I’m most excited to hear from at this year’s Success Summit. We named it “The Path Forward” because this is a critical time for where you and your business are headed over the next few years, and if you want to be on the right path, these are some of the speakers who will get you there.

Let’s dive right in!


No. 1: Jimmy Mackin

If you don’t know the name Jimmy Mackin, you should – and you will. Jimmy is the CEO of the real estate marketing company Curaytor, which has worked with over 540 of the top teams in the country, helping them increase their sales by over $30 billion. He’s someone who I personally reach out to any time I have a complex marketing challenge to solve in my own business.

At this year’s Success Summit, Jimmy is going to be talking about this thing he knows best: listing attraction strategies that WORK! Specifically, he’s talking about how to make $100K in 100 days using the listing attraction strategies of the industry elite. 

To get a taste of what he has to offer, check out this episode of my podcast. You’ll quickly see that this guy has just as much wisdom and discipline as he does charm.


No. 2: Marc Davison

A staple in both the real estate and advertising industries, you probably know Marc Davison as the founder of 1000watt, one of the leading real estate branding companies. 

With over 40 years of experience, Marc is the master of identifying agent superpowers and then translating them into a marketable brand.

Funny story… The way I met Marc was when he commented on a video I posted to social media, disagreeing with me. I commented back to engage in a conversation, and we became fast friends! 

At Summit, Marc will be talking about what he knows best: how to “Build A Powerful Enough Brand to Become the Market.” Hope you’ll be taking notes on this one, because I will!

No. 3: TomX

Okay, this one is a bit of a cheat because it’s not a person but a group of people.

Every year at the Success Summit, we open with a series of 20 minute talks on various subjects, and the speakers we have this year are an absolutely knockout group. 

  • Jen Dillard is opening up talking about events and open house marketing. 
  • Maureen Folan reveals a winning strategy that earned her $1,000,000 GCI
  • And breakout star Dwayne Pano is talking about the art of setting appointments.

And this is just the start! We have several more Rockstars that make me giddy just thinking about the wisdom they’re going to share.


No. 4: Steve Harney

If you’re doing your job and keeping up with the constantly evolving real estate data, you’re probably familiar with Keeping Current Matters, the leader in real estate news. KCM President, David Childers, is even a critical part of my hyperlocal Roadmap event for top agents. 

Well this year, I’m honored to welcome KCM’s founder, Steve Harney, back to the Summit stage. It’s hard to find anyone quite as informed on the up to the minute workings of the industry and what motivates consumers.

Steve’s going to be sharing the “5 Most Important Things to Say that Keep Buyers and Sellers Moving Forward.” And doesn’t moving forward sound nice? It’s what we need to do once we find the path.


No. 5: A Life-Transforming Keynote 

Why are you working so hard, growing your business, and putting yourself on the line every day?

Because you want more money and more time… But why?

The search for happiness is at the root of everything we do. We believe that if we have these things, we’ll be happy. But the secret that no one ever tells us is that starting with happiness first is actually the key to opening up your path to money, success, and free time.

The reason I’m most excited about this year’s Success Summit keynote speaker is that there’s a crisis of morale, excitement, and joy in our industry right now. And I believe that Shawn Achor is the perfect person to help solve that. 

Shawn is a Harvard-trained researcher and one of the leading positive psychologists speaking today. His bestselling books “The Happiness Advantage” and “Big Potential: How Transforming the Pursuit of Success Raises Our Achievement, Happiness, and Well-Being” have helped millions of people shift their mindsets and find meaning in their work.

On a recent episode of my podcast, Shawn said to me that “Happiness is the greatest competitive advantage in the modern economy,” and at this year’s Summit, Shawn is going to give you the tools to raise your own levels of happiness so you can shift the way that you do business. 

If you’re looking for your path forward, the techniques that Shawn will be sharing are exactly where you want to begin.


This is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

When I say this is going to be the best Summit ever, I’m not playing around. These names I just shared are only a few of the mind-blowing talks you’re going to hear, and that’s on top of the Ultimate Real Estate Playbook you’ll gain access to, the connections you’ll make, and a whole lot more.

I know that a lot of you out there may be feeling down and discouraged in this market, but this is a reason to get excited again. 

It’s going down in Dallas, TX, August 22-24. Be sure to get your tickets soon, because they’re likely to sell out.

Let’s find our path forward together.