What is the greatest competitive advantage in modern economy?

Seems like a loaded question, doesn’t it? But if you ask Shawn Achor, one of today’s leading researchers in the field of positive psychology, the answer is very simple – happiness.

That’s right… Turns out that starting with happiness might just be the key to unlocking your greatest competitive advantage, making you more productive, influential, and successful.

So, how do you unlock happiness before achieving your desired success? That’s what we’re unpacking not only in this episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, but also at this year’s Success Summit! That’s right…  I’m super excited to announce that Shawn will be our keynote speaker at the 20th anniversary Summit in Dallas, August 22-24!

On this episode, Shawn provides the perfect introduction by sharing with me two behavioral changes and one specific mindset shift that you need to make to open your life up to optimism and joy.

Watch, listen, and start these mental exercises now to fully prepare yourself for when you arrive in Dallas! If you don’t have your ticket yet, grab it today.

In this episode, we discuss…

0:00 – Introducing our Summit Keynote Speaker!

4:12 – Changing your perspective

8:40 – Behavior change No. 1

10:50 – Getting stuck in good patterns

16:10 – Behavior change No. 2

20:40 – Praise + a mindset shift

24:40 – The greatest competitive advantage