Use These 5 Proven Scripts
to Ask for Referrals Confidently

Expert Tip: In order to deliver a successful script and remove all awkwardness you must memorize it and practice, practice, practice…do not practice on your clients!

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You just got a new listing:

Mr. and Mrs. Seller … Thank you so much for your listing; I have two goals while working with you.
First, is to sell your home as quickly as possible for the highest price.
Second, is to give you such great service that you automatically refer me to anyone you know who wants to buy or sell.  Sound good?
Before I let you go, who else do you know now that might need my services?

You just sold a home:

Mr. and Mrs. Seller … I am so happy we were able to sell your home.
At this point, ________, my closing coordinator will take over to make sure your sale closes smoothly.
As you know, my business is based on referrals from great clients like you.
You’ve probably been involved in lots of conversations about moving lately.
Before I let you go … who else do you know that may need my services at this time?

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