There are people out there who say you can run your entire business on referrals.
Now, I’ve never been a “put all your eggs in one basket” type – I prefer a more diversified approach
There’s no question referrals are a powerful way to generate business.
And here’s the funny twist…
The guy who sparked that whole “Referral Revolution” is now a collaborator and my personal coach, Jay Abraham.
So… Recently Jay and I have been working on modernizing strategies from his famous “93 Referral Systems,” picking and choosing some of the best ways real estate professionals like you can naturally create more referral opportunities.
On today’s #TomFerryShow, I’m revealing six of those strategies. Let’s go!

Referral Strategy No. 1: Send a Video Immediately

The big-picture objective with referrals is to make them a conditioned behavior. One good way to do so is to immediately recognize people’s effort by sending the person who referred you a video to personally thank them.
Don’t just send a note anymore… stand out by sending a video.
And do it immediately!

Referral Strategy No. 2: Create Your “Dream 50”

I want you to identify your most valuable referral sources, split into two categories…
…The 25 top agents who refer you business.
…And the 25 best past clients/members of your sphere who refer you business.
Create separate buckets for each in your CRM, and then commit to provide special treatment to those 50 individuals.
More touches, deliver more value, keep them better informed… Anything you can do to further those opportunities. Here are two ideas to implement:

Throw Events Exclusively for These People

Whether it’s a holiday party, a summer BBQ, paying for tickets to a charity event, a day at the track or other sporting event, a movie event, bringing in a special guest speaker… You’re looking to create “magic moments” for people. I’d advise you to conduct two such events every year!

Send 2 CMAs Every Year

Just like a stock broker keeps his or her clients abreast of their stock portfolio, you should proactively keep this special group of people informed about the value of their home. Send two CMAs annually along with any pertinent updates in the real estate market. Don’t wait for them to request these… do it proactively and as a gesture to remind them how valuable they are to you.