Member Spotlight: Dewey Hatcher Jr.

Member Spotlight: Dewey Hatcher Jr. photo
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Dewey Hatcher Jr., Hatcher Realty Services

Dewey Hatcher Jr. is a Real Estate Agent and Owner of Hatcher Realty Services, Inc. Based in Steinhatchee, Florida, Dewey and his team are focused on providing expertise in the local market. Through the help of coaching, Dewey went from $55,000 GCI to over $192,000 GCI!

Dewey shares his story and experience working with Tom Ferry – Your Coach:

“Coming from 3 generations of Sheriffs I began working as a probation officer in 2002.

I soon realized it wasn’t for me…

I always loved sales, and realized real estate was a good fit; I’ve been doing it ever since.

I first found Tom Ferry through the internet and then decided to attend one of his seminars.

I realized pretty quickly that I had NO systems in place and event worse … I had NO IDEA how to implement them.

I found myself getting stuck in this loop where I’d max out my sales and then have to babysit my pending transactions.

I knew I needed help with organization and systems, and I found that in coaching. Before coaching I’d do about 38 transactions per year for a GCI of $55k.

Since March 2016 I’ve had 102 transactions and GCI of $192,000 with another 16 pending through today.

I’ve learned so much with coaching!

The big thing though has really come through adopting the mindset of abundance.

This has changed the way I look at everything!

I’ve gotten my marketing dialed in and I’m tracking my costs. I’ve even hired 2 personal assistants, 3 new agents, opened a new office, and added a lead nurturer/transaction coordinator.

I’m so grateful for the experience and growth I’ve achieved with Tom Ferry.

Having the abundance mindset in place has helped me up my goals to 250 transactions next year.

I’m also focusing on higher sales prices and I’m continuing to develop my newer agents and support staff.”

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