I realized pretty quickly that I had NO systems in place and event worse … I had NO IDEA how to implement them.

I found myself getting stuck in this loop where I’d max out my sales and then have to babysit my pending transactions.
I knew I needed help with organization and systems, and I found that in coaching. Before coaching I’d do about 38 transactions per year for a GCI of $55k.

Since March 2016 I’ve had 102 transactions and GCI of $192,000 with another 16 pending through today.

I’ve learned so much with coaching!
The big thing though has really come through adopting the mindset of abundance.
This has changed the way I look at everything!
I’ve gotten my marketing dialed in and I’m tracking my costs. I’ve even hired 2 personal assistants, 3 new agents, opened a new office, and added a lead nurturer/transaction coordinator.