Although my family had full time real estate careers I did not…
I had a pretty amazing job as an FAA Air Traffic Controller making $200K a year, but eventually I chose to pursue a career in real estate instead.
I got into real estate because I felt there were too many lazy agents out there, and I KNEW that I could help a lot of people.
I’ve grown up hearing about the Ferry family and their amazing training. My dad had even been to a handful of Summits and other Tom Ferry events.

My dad gave a piece of advice that I’ll never forget…

He said “follow what Tom says, and you’ll do extremely well.”

Coaching wasn’t a new concept for me … I grew up in competitive swimming, and barely missed the Olympic trials. I’ve always had a coach swimming, and my coach motivated me and helped make me better.
When I hopped into real estate, I wanted to get in with someone that knew more about the business than I did and could motivate me.
Based on the advice from my dad, I knew Tom Ferry’s coaching program was the right decision.
When I first started in real estate and before working with Tom, I wasn’t tracking my deals or even my GCI.