Member Spotlight: Christina Griffin

Member Spotlight: Christina Griffin photo
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Christina Griffin, Coldwell Banker

Christina Griffin is an experienced real estate professional and Team Lead of the Griffin Group with Coldwell Banker in Tampa Bay, Florida. Her dedication has placed her in the top 1% of agents with Coldwell Banker, top 100 for the state of Florida and #28 with The Wall Street Journal for volume. Christina turned to coaching for assistance in creating systems, now has one of the highest-performing teams in the country!

Christina shares her story and experience working with Tom Ferry – Your Coach:

“I’ve been in real estate for over fifteen years.

In 2008, I became involved with several REO and bank owned contracts and by 2009 I was already selling 100+ foreclosures.

I became a foreclosure workhorse. I was extremely task-oriented.

I didn’t have any sort of system in place for my business. It started to become very chaotic.

In 2014, I was called by one of my Bank of America reps. I’ve been fortunate enough to be their top agent in the state of Florida for years, and was asked “hey, you should check out this training and let me know what you think.”

I went to a Tom’s area event in Orlando, the Blueprint event. Not because I really wanted something different, but more I was asked to go.

The amount of things I learned in one event was life-changing for me.

I left Tom’s event angry, frustrated, upset, and excited, all at once…

I realized how much I DIDN’T know. I didn’t even know what a CRM was!

I knew I was losing business and revenue so I planned and formulated what I wanted to do so that I could start taking control of my own business.

I followed the entire Blueprint and what Tom told everyone to do.

What I learned is that the more I understood tracking and systems, the more leads started coming in and we needed more help.

I had a good one-on-one with Tom at Blueprint and he encouraged me to try coaching.

I was VERY hesitant because I’ve tried other programs and they didn’t work.

Coaching has been life changing for me … I have finally taken control of my business.

I’ve grown my team to a 16-person buyer agent team that works with me called the Griffin Group.

My first year with Tom and having a team, we sold 506 units.

We are number two in the country for Coldwell Banker for units sold as a team.


It’s nice to have my team tell me that they love to support and our synergy is amazing and the culture that I’ve created in incredible.

I feel like for the first time in 15 years, I’m exactly where I need to be in real estate.

I’ve reached so much success in my business that it’s ironic that I feel like I have MORE TIME now.

Before I joined the Tom Ferry Coaching Program I would literally come home and feed the kids and then work and fall asleep at my desk at 2 am.

That doesn’t happen anymore.

I have a baby and two teenagers and an awesome, supportive husband. I may work an hour in the evenings, but that’s about it.

I have systems in place and I delegate a lot.

I’ve learned a lot of from the other people in the Tom Ferry network and the advice they’ve given and things they’ve done that works for them, I’ve started to do it in my own business and I feel like it’s given me a lot of freedom.

The network of agents is worth what I pay for coaching.

I have been part of so many professional groups in my career. No one shares anything, no one talks about anything. You could literally post a message on our Facebook page and someone will call you and tell you exactly how they’re doing it, and you duplicate. It’s like it’s this unsaid family, it’s still crazy to me the amount of people I’ve met that want to help you succeed and that have also called and we’ve talked and worked out some things.

I really love the network, that’s been my biggest surprise.

I know that with coaching and with what Tom provides, I’ll definitely get to the max level.

My goal is 40 agents and creating that sellable business that Tom teaches everybody about.

I’m really happy to be a part of the Tom Ferry Coaching Program.”

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