Member Spotlight: Billy Weathers

Member Spotlight: Billy Weathers photo
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Billy Weathers, Remax Properties Chattanooga

Billy is an experienced Realtor from Chattanooga, Tennessee. After realizing he needed guidance to take his business to the next level, he signed up for coaching. After only eight months in coaching, he increased his GCI by over $90,000 and is on track to have his best year ever!

Billy shares his story and experience working with Tom Ferry – Your Coach:

“I started in real estate 30 years ago as a young investor and then got into sales.

I bought my first property, a duplex, while in college and rented out the side I wasn’t living in.

Soon, I caught the real estate bug and read every real estate book I could.

I knew Tom Ferry back when he worked with his dad.

Last year, I read Tom’s book and was inspired to attend Success Summit.

I signed up for coaching on the spot.

Coaching has changed my life and I am so grateful for my coach Carl Rizzuto.

Coach Carl has been a great coach and mentor over the last 9 months.

He has been very helpful in specific direction, time management, listing presentations , prospecting, and much more.

My daughter Mary-Catherine is just getting into real estate with me. Carl has been great in activities and ideas for her, and she has gotten off to a great start in a short amount of time.

I started coaching in August of last year and it helped me have an AWESOME last half of the year.

I increased my GCI from $260,000 to $351,000 from the year before!

I also had my best month of the year in December over $50k GCI which was about 15% of my year during the usually slow holiday time.

Coaching has helped me refocus my attention, and get my sales career back to a high level.

I was a broker/owner of Remax in Chattanooga for several years, and no longer own the office and am back selling full time.

We love the energy and innovation of the whole Tom Ferry Team and the great coaching and events.

I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

I look forward to seeing everyone at Summit in Vegas!

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