Setting Yourself Apart from Ordinary

Before we get to the real estate door knocking script, let me take a second to remind you of why you’re doing a Mega Open House.

It’s really about the psychology of the situation. The whole point is to get homeowners surrounding your listing to see you as someone who does things completely different than the typical agent.

The thought you want to plant in people’s heads is “We need something like this when we decide to sell our house.” And naturally, you’ll be top of mind because you’re the one who did it for their neighbor.

On top of that, you’ll also be building rapport with people long before they need your services, a crucial step to getting them to think of you as “their Realtor” even before they’re ready to put their house on the market.

4 Simple Steps to Make Your Open Houses More Effective

Now let’s dig in to this doorknocking script. As with any script, the idea is to learn and practice this script so well that you’ve internalized it… so it sounds completely natural when you deliver it.

But don’t stray too far from this specific wording, because as I’ll point out, the language is designed to imply certain, important points to your prospective clients.

There are only four elements to this door knocking script: An introduction and three questions/follow-up points. Let’s examine them one-by-one…


Door knocking in real estate can turn houses into listing opportunities.

This part is fairly straightforward, introducing yourself, informing people of the home for sale and your big event, and handing them a Mega Open House invite.