Step 1A: Doorknock/Door Drop to the Neighbors Pre-Sale

Consider this one sort of a “bonus” tip because it actually takes place before you close the initial listing.

Once you get the listing, Lydia’s first step is typically to doorknock nearby properties to alert the neighbors that the house has been listed. She says she uses one of these two effective scripts:

“Your neighbor just put their house up for sale, and we’re excited to be listing it. I just wanted to stop by and ask, do you know of anyone you would want to move into the neighborhood?”


“Hi, I just wanted to stop by to let you know your neighbor just listed their home with us, and the market is so strong right now, we know we’re going to get multiple offers on that house. Have you had any thoughts of selling?”

Lydia says not only does this approach potentially “un-earth” possible sellers, but also demonstrates how hard you work for your clients, planting a seed in the mind of that homeowner for whenever they decide to sell if they’re not ready now.

NOTE: During “normal” times, you’d take this opportunity to invite these neighbors to your Open House or Mega Open House during this conversation. If you’re currently doing Virtual Open Houses, describe that process and offer the invite to the neighbors as well.


Step 1B: Direct Mail/Door Drop to the Neighbors Post-Sale

After the sale closes, then it’s time to send a Just Sold postcard (or door drop) to the entire neighborhood.

HOWEVER… this is not just your ordinary “Just Sold” with a picture, the address and sales price.

I want you to add a section that says “How we did it” that lists out all the steps you performed to generate offers, AND all the details of the results your efforts created… how many showings, how many offers, sale price vs. list price, etc.

This approach demonstrates the value you bring to your clients and shows how your active marketing system achieves the desired results.

Check out this postcard from Robert Mack of Irvine, CA as an excellent example: