What are you doing right now?
Stop whatever it is you’re doing, and pause…
Take a deep breath in, hold it for a moment, and then gently release it.
I want you to think about a few questions…

Think about…

How are you feeling right now?
Are you happy, sad, stressed, or overwhelmed?
Do you feel the weight of your business or do you feel satisfied with your level of progress?

Back to now…

Come back; don’t get too lost in all those thoughts.
Take a few more deep breaths.
Focus on right now, on this very moment.
There is a philosophy that states that most of us are either stuck on the sorrows of yesterday or focused on the worries of tomorrow.
That is not a good place to be!
I want you to focus on the now and that comes by making sure your head is in the right place, and that you’ve got the right routines in place.