How many reasons have you heard for someone not wanting to sell their home? How many reasons have people had for going with other agents? People have tons of excuses, but YOU DON’T, because Phil Jones is here to give you Exactly What to Say.

Phil is the author of that phenomenal book I’ve been raving about for months and also the keynote speaker at our upcoming Success Summit! You’re going to learn how to handle just about any objection, stand out on your website and in your marketing, and you’ll get to watch us do some crazy inspiring roleplays.

So, yeah… this is a must-watch or listen. And remember, this is only a taste of what Phil is going to be offering at Summit.

In this episode, we discuss…

0:00 – About Phil

3:57 – What the clients’ questions are actually asking

7:46 – Roleplay #1

11:26 – Destroying the option of “no”

13:54 – The second mouse gets the cheese

18:00 – Control the breakup email | Roleplay #2

23:34 – About Success Summit

27:08 – The 6 P’s of standing out in a sea of sameness

35:32 – Narrow your aim

40:46 – You want me to discount my price?

48:33 – Reach out to Phil