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Winning Real Estate Scripts for 4 Important Occasions

When it comes to real estate scripts, one size does NOT fit all.

There are so many different prospecting situations you might find yourself in that one script just won’t cut it. You need winning real estate scripts for any occasion, and for that I know just the person to go to.

Stephanie Younger is a $400-million producer whose team has already done a whopping 172 transactions so far this year. I sat down with Stephanie to role-play her proven scripts for four distinct situations – charity and networking events, open houses, door knocking, and past clients.

If you’re looking to make your sales pitches feel like natural conversations, Stephanie’s words are exactly what you need. So, make sure you watch or listen, now!

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In this episode, we discuss…

0:25 – The very best script of all

4:08 – Open houses

8:33 – Success Summit

9:16 – Door knocking

12:42 – Past clients and sphere

15:18 – An interesting statistic

16:45 – Wrapping up