Every agent wants to know how to generate more real estate leads, but if we could have our pick of any type of particular real estate leads, what would they be?

I bet the answer is listings, right? You want to generate more listing leads, win more listings, and close more listings. Because listings are the lifeblood of the successful agent.

So, let’s revisit something that was said at last month’s Success Summit. During the Ladies of Listing Domination panel, Tahlequah, OK Rockstar agent Edna Kimble gave the audience her top 5 ways to generate more real estate listing leads, and they were a showstopper.

For this week’s blog, I want to unpack those five tacticts and give you some additional resources to master the details of each of them. Ready for more real estate leads? Ready for more listings?

Let’s dive right in…


Listing Lead Generation Strategy No. 1: Past Clients

Sound familiar?

I’ll say again what I’ve been saying forever… If you close a transaction and then leave it behind, you’re leaving all the real money on the table. The actual work begins AFTER the closing table, and this clip from Summit will prove it.

Ask yourself, are you:

  • Getting every client to give you a Google review?
  • Asking for referrals at the right moment?
  • Doing your Comparative Market Analysis (CMAs) and Annual Equity Reviews?
  • Straight-up ASKING for referrals?

Luz Abreu from Miami has an incredible strategy of getting her past clients to follow her on social media and then posting videos directly targeted to their community’s needs. This has seen her referral business surge.


Listing Lead Generation Strategy No. 2: Be the Digital Mayor

According to Edna, when it comes to generating more real estate leads, it’s not as much about what you’re posting as it is about consistency. You need to systematize and operationalize your social media in order to remove the stress and build real momentum. And I hope it doesn’t even need to be stated that when we talk about social media, we’re talking about video…

Get out your calendar and find two days towards the end of the month. On the first day, create a content plan for the month ahead (Jason Pantana has a great episode of This Week in Housing where he lays out how to build the best real estate marketing plan) and on the second day, shoot all of your videos back-to-back.

Now, what should your videos be about? Remember that this section isn’t called “Do Social Media Video;” it’s called “Be the Digital Mayor,” and that means the mayor of your community. Make hyper-local video. Check out yesterday’s podcast where Kennon Maurer talks about how he grew his brand by making a show about his town and then retargeted that audience for his real estate content. This guy is brilliant.

Listing Lead Generation Strategy No. 3: Google Business Profile

Edna is averaging 60 direct calls a month just from her Google Business Profile…

This has gone by a few different names, previously “Google My Business,” but the fundamentals are the same. Google wants to know about you – it wants information. And the more you give Google what it wants, the more it becomes willing to give you what you want.

You can’t afford to miss this episode of This Week in Marketing where Jason takes you through all the steps of the best way to optimize your profile for local business.

But you can also take a master tip from Jefferson City’s Ashley Pederson, whose case study on Google Business Profile was featured in Summit’s Lead Generation Playbooks. Ashley’s playbook outlines her technique for leveraging reviews with follow-up gifts. When you deliver your gift, attach a little note kindly asking for a review. The note should have a QR code which takes them straight to your reviews page, making it super easy for them.


Listing Lead Generation Strategy No. 4: MEGA Open Houses

Let’s clear up the difference between a normal open house and a mega open house… You can stake some signs around the neighborhood, post a time and address on social media, and call that an “open house.” But a “mega open house” is more like a party. It’s something that draws people from well beyond the neighborhood and gets everyone excited.

Luxury real estate agent Valen Lindner uses them as full-blow luxury networking events. Just listen to Valen’s story of how she got six Lamborghinis to show up and attract big-money clients. Monica Carr turns her open houses into family-oriented neighborhood events in order to secure dominance of her geo farm. She books food trucks and brings cases of wine, because it never hurts to be the most popular person in the neighborhood. And of course, how could we possibly talk about mega open houses without mentioning Andy Tse?

The point here is this – it’s never about just one listing. It’s about using one listing to generate many, many more.


Listing Lead Generation Strategy No. 5: Don’t Be a Jerk

This one shouldn’t be too difficult, but you might be surprised how many people are just… well… jerks to their SOI. Yes, real estate can be frustrating, but we need to nurture our real estate leads instead of trying to squeeze a listing out of them, because that’s not how you get referrals.

Don’t write off a potential client because you think they might not qualify or they’re taking too long to make up their mind. As Edna says, “It’s not about you. Just keep following up until they are ready, because you might get 20 or 30 listings.”

And another big note here… Don’t ever be hostile with other agents in your market. Just last year, Edna listed the homes of several licensed realtors. We’re a part of an ecosystem that needs to support each other and everyone else, because that’s how we get ahead. Interested in how to generate more agent-to-agent referrals? Well, we have a few great pieces for you:


Listing Your Way Forward

I know I just tossed a lot of content your way, and you don’t have to go clicking through all of it, but my goal here is to provide you with everything you need to succeed.

And what is it that you need to succeed in this business?

That’s right… You need listings! And these are five of the best ways to get more of them. So go back through this blog and click on some of the shows you haven’t watched and blogs you haven’t read. But don’t do it for me. The motivated agent is the one who takes the listing.