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7 Ideas to Generate More Agent-to-Agent Referrals in Real Estate

It helps to have friends in the business, especially when it comes to generating agent-to-agent referrals. Networking with other agents can easily become one of your most valuable lead sources – if done correctly.

But what can you do to not only meet the right people, but also show them that their referrals will being going into the right hands? It’s a daunting process, but Jason Pantana is here to give you seven awesome ideas to help find, connect, and build strong professional friendships with agents throughout the country.

With Summit coming up just… TOMORROW! Wow, that came quick, didn’t it?! Yeah, it’s time to get your referral game on… so make sure to watch or listen to this one to get ready.

In this episode, we discuss…

0:48 – Idea 1: Get social on social

3:10 – Livestream with other agents

4:05 – Idea 2: Embrace brokers

4:52 – Idea 3: Leverage conferences

6:48 – Idea 4: Join Masterminds

7:54 – Idea 5: T-O-M plan

10:32 – Idea 6: Target feeder markets

12:20 – Idea 7: Show some love