I’ve often said your role as a real estate professional is to solve problems for a profit.

The agents who are figuring out how to solve today’s problems are killin’ it…

And those who aren’t putting in that effort are, well, struggling.

Ninety-one percent of all commissions right now are being earned by the top 50 percent of agents. The bottom 50 percent is sitting around fighting over those remaining nine percent.

Which group are you? And which group do you want to be?

The way I see it, the top-producing agents today are those who have figured out how to overcome three major obstacles right now. Let’s talk about them…


Real Estate Challenge No. 1: Low Inventory

One of the biggest ongoing challenges faced by both agents and consumers is a lack of sufficient inventory.

We’re all aware.

The question now is… What are you doing about it?

Are you upping your marketing?

Are you making your calls – without fail?

Are you digging into your database to activate listing opportunities before those people turn elsewhere?

Because I see too many agents – and I’m not saying this is you – who are complaining about a lack of listings but aren’t taking enough action to discover the opportunities right under their nose.

Be honest with yourself… are you doing enough, or should you be doing more?

Real Estate Challenge No. 2: Getting Offers Accepted

With as much competition among buyers as there is for every decent home on the market right now, there’s no one “surefire” strategy that guarantees your offer will be accepted.

But your goal should be to make sure your offers are compelling enough to at least put you on the consideration set of the seller.

Whether it’s taking extra initiative to speak with the listing agent to find out what would resonate with the seller, offering unique benefits other buyers might not think of, or “laddering up” your buyer to make sure they’re maximizing what they’re willing to pay, you’ve got to go the extra mile to set your offer apart.

Here’s more on those tips I just mentioned.

What are you doing to help your buyers succeed?


Real Estate Challenge No. 3: Lack of Proper Positioning

I’m not pointing fingers here, but as a whole, agents have unfortunately failed to protect themselves from outside disruptors.

And they’ve created an opportunity for others to step in and steal away a portion of your income.

That’s why there’s such an influx of companies looking to get in the industry, generate leads, and sell them back to you for a hefty referral fee.

If you aren’t positioning yourself for success, you’re making yourself vulnerable to these deep-pocketed disruptors.

The questions that every agent should be asking themselves now are:

  • What are you doing to stand out?
  • How are you positioning yourself against the arbitrage?
  • How will you out-position everybody else?

Having strategies in place to provide concrete answers to these questions is how you succeed in today’s market. THAT’S how you win on a hyperlocal level.


Join Me at Success Summit to Overcome These Challenges

These three major challenges will be the thrust of much of this year’s Success Summit – with special keynote speaker Seth Godin to help you position yourself for massive success in your market.

It happens October 5-7 in Dallas, TX, and I’d love for you to join us!

We’re offering both in-person and virtual attendance options to fit your travel schedule and your comfort level.

Will I see you there? I certainly hope so… especially if you don’t have all the answers to these questions.