See that picture up above?

It’s been a long time since we’ve had that kind of electric energy in a room.

Which is just one of many reasons why I can’t wait for Summit to begin next Tuesday!

Here are 10 more…


Reason No. 1: Hugs & High-Fives Are Back!

The Summit will be the largest in-person event we’ve done in at least a couple years, so in addition to getting the crowd amped up from the stage, I just can’t wait to see people in person and reconnect face to face.

Even with the safety precautions we’re taking, I know the networking at this event will be off the charts and I can’t wait to see people hugging and high-fiving again.


Reason No. 2: To Help You Prep for Survival

The theme of this year’s Summit is to help attendees “Future-Proof Your Business” because frankly, the disruptors don’t care.

They don’t care how things have always been done.

They don’t care that your livelihood is at stake.

They don’t care that the consumer deserves a better experience.

They don’t care that they have no experience… they believe their might will “buy” their place in the industry.

Pure and simple, they see vulnerability in a $90 billion annual commission industry, and they’re grabbing as much of it as they can, as quickly as they can.

For you as a real estate professional, it’s time to defend your turf.

And for me as a real estate coach, it’s time to show you how to do just that.

So I’m excited to help people understand what’s truly at stake and the steps they need to take to provide a better, localized alternative to the giants infiltrating our industry.


Reason Nos. 3 & 4: Our Two Amazing Keynote Speakers

For as long as I’ve looked up to Seth Godin as a marketing mentor, having him speak at the Summit is practically a dream come true. I’m so excited to share his wisdom with attendees… and I’ll be alongside them, scribbling notes as fast as I can.

Michelle Poler is just an amazing bundle of energy with a great message we all need to hear, so I really can’t wait for her to take the stage next Tuesday afternoon. Whether it’s conquering the fear of shooting video, picking up the phone, or simply wondering if you’re “good enough,” I know everyone who hears her speech will come away inspired to get past the barriers that hold us all back.


Reason No. 5: Partying with Our Clients!

We’ve had some small get-togethers here and there over the past 20 months or so, but I really can’t wait to see thousands of coaching members at our member-exclusive party on Wednesday night.

If you’re coming to the Summit to join coaching, make sure you do it on Day 1 or 2 to gain your invite and we’ll reveal the location and details.