As a leader, how are you creating and cultivating trust with your organization and clients?

In today’s episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, I have the honor of talking with Adam Contos, CEO and Board Director of RE/MAX. As a leader who is responsible for providing strategic direction on all aspects of major RE/MAX corporate decisions, he shared with me vital advice on growing your organization and responsibility within your organization. 

Adam provided golden nuggets on leadership, the accountability leaders have to cultivate trust within their organization and to not stop the hard work when rough times are approaching. He also covered the importance of seeing business as a marathon and not a sprint, a reminder we all need to listen to again and again!

We also covered the leadership philosophy, measuring your impact, and why you need to push aside excuses when starting video. 

If you’ve been looking into acquiring a new organization, obtaining the CEO title or simply developing your leadership skills, this episode is for you!

Listen and don’t forget to take notes because I know I surely did!

In this episode we talk about…

1:22 – Adam Contos shares vital insight on running a global real estate company during COVID-19

4:10 – Adam talks about the early wave of information regarding COVID-19 and how RE/MAX adapted to the current reality 

5:53 – Discover Adam’s leadership philosophy 

8:24 – “Good leaders measure their impact.” Listen to how Adam is measuring how his informative videos are impacting other leaders in the real estate industry 

10:04 – Adam shares real advice to agents who still give the “I’m busy” excuse to not do video

14:35 – Adam talks about the process of acquiring new companies and creating trust with the teams 

20:40 – Listen to Adam share about the accountability he has for being a CEO and cultivating the trust with his organization

23:10 – “Business is a marathon, it’s not a sprint.”

25:22 – Adam talks about the reality of the real estate industry and doing your job right 

27:20 – Listen to Adam’s advice for working in the long game as a CEO in the public sector 

29:56 – “Learning never stops if you want to be a CEO and business leader.”

32:05 – What does it really mean to lead?

34:38 – “You’re never done digging the moat.” Adam shares his feelings on business competition and focusing on what you do and deliver

37:24 – Adam shares how he keeps it fresh within his organization and not hitting the snooze button

39:53 – Listen to Adam’s advice on crushing Q4


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