Today’s conversation with Tom Bilyeu will impact the way you create your content.

In today’s episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, I talk with my good friend Tom Bilyeu!

Tom has always been a person that has created impact in his business, community, and content. In this powerful conversation, Tom shares that it all comes down to his life’s mission: to help people gain a growth mindset. 

He also shares how it’s important to scale your business, services or content that you produce. Tom and I also get real about pushing the shame aside and making mistakes! No one is the expert when they start, the true expert is the one that keeps doing the work, keeps learning, and keeps providing value. 

If you’ve been struggling to just start on your business, doing video or finding powerful tactics to scale what you do, then this episode is for you! Listen to it 4 or 5 times and take notes – you won’t regret it!

In this episode we talk about…

3:05 – Tom Bilyeu and Tom Ferry talk about the massive Joe Rogan and Spotify podcast deal 

5:14 – Tom Bilyeu talks about the “chaos factor” that Joe Rogan creates in his content 

11:16 – Tom B. talks about how he’s fighting against the YouTube algorithm and evolving in his content 

13:19 – “Stop being a leapfrog!” Tom shares important advice on how to cultivate strong branding and how you have to adapt!

17:20 – Tom B. shares his life’s mission and how that drives him to develop content to create a growth mindset

22:09 – “There is a reason change comes from tremendous pain.”

24:59 – Really analyze your goals and focus on scaling when you’re creating your content 

32:00 – These are the most important marketing tactics that will help you expand your brand

36:15 – Tom B. shares the “physics of progress” 

40:00 – Tom B. shares the power of scaling and expanding your reach in different mediums 

45:34 – Do you have an important thing list?

51:58 – “You’re going to be bad at it in the beginning.” 


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