When you measure performance, your performance improves. 

In today’s episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, I had the opportunity to talk with a good friend and fellow entrepreneur, Brian Charlesworth, CEO of Sisu. 

Brian shares about his entrepreneurial experience of starting and selling various businesses throughout his early years. He also details the lessons learned of that experience and how it pushed him to start his entrepreneurial path towards the real estate industry.

As the founder and CEO of Sisu, Brian shares how the digital platform simplifies the tracing of sales metrics, provides critical analysis of those numbers, and gamifies the entire real estate and mortgage sales experience.

This helpful tool has helped so many agents back their decisions with clear and insightful data. Especially now that we’re living in uncertain times. 

Brian and I talk about the importance of measuring your performance to help you double and even triple the necessary actions you need to take to drive your business during these tumultuous times. 

Listen to the episode to learn more about Brian’s entrepreneurial path and how you can make smart decisions for your business!

In this episode we talk about…

0:35 – Have you struggled to pivot or have you innovated during these trying times?

9:38 – Brian Charlesworth talks about why data backs up the action of doubling your calls during this time

14:56 – Brian shares about his love for the internet and how that fueled him to focus on data

20:00 – Listen to Brian’s entrepreneurial experience from raising 45 million dollars and the lessons learned from it

23:13 – Discover how Brian started his entrepreneurial path towards the real estate industry

25:55 – “When you measure performance, performance improves”

30:09 – Brian talks about starting Sisu and how data helps double the numbers for agents 

32:57 – “When I decide to do something, I go all in.”

37:03 – Find out how Sisu is the salesforce for the real estate business by simplifying data

38:22 – Brian shares the lessons learned of being an entrepreneur in the real estate space

40:42 – Listen to Sisu’s scale and growth process 

42:17 – Brian shares his advice for entrepreneurs who are remotely leading their teams 

44:44 – Tom and Brian talk about the books that impacted their lives

50:00 – Brian shares the future of Sisu and the real estate industry



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